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Summertime family breeds goldfish management shallow talk

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Domestic pisciculture is different from fishing ground, have water system commonly small, density the characteristic with big, mixed breed, this kind of environment breeds goldfish, also make relative to what answer Yu Youyi but have neglect a bit, cause love fish easily to come on and come on progress is rapid, and the consequence with remedial operation tall difficulty! As a whole, although be the summer, the point that raises management still leaves not the management that the management of boiled water and raise feed:
One, ? The management of water
Summertime air temperature is elevatory, although friend of a lot of fish is indoor,raise goldfish, but as air temperature elevatory, wen Ye meets water to lift accordingly. In this season, the issue that raise water appears easily is as follows:
, ? Water temperature rise is fast, quantity of oxygen of the dissolve in water decreases, but rate of alga breed, death increases, change water not to follow to go up, water quality rots after dead alga is decomposed, a large number of progenitive alga also are met at the same time with love the fish is in nightly contention oxygen;
, ? Water temperature rise is fast, goldfish activity quantity is increased, feed appetite to increase, fish corresponding also increase. Clear not seasonable, or feed appetite to cross an ambassador to get bait makings, fish remaining, corrupt, rot water quality;
, ? After water temperature rise is fast, indoor impossible elephant outdoor breed see light is sufficient, if raise density big, water quality changes relatively faster still, still can disease of fish of mould, bacterium happens; Cannot treat sth lightly;
, ? If feed the bait that feed work, put the risk that bug of outer source sex, bacterium inbreaks;
, ? When changing water, the operation is coarse, lukewarm discrepant new water pounds water directly piscine body, cause goldfish cold;
, ? If be in the balcony place that sees light intensity sacrificing oneself for a just cause, form old green water easily, a little unwary, incidental very hot end. Raise the goldfish of large remaining part such as butterfly end especially, want to notice especially;
, ? Raise density big, water is old green, nightly stop to hit oxygen, cause frowsty crock;

Countermeasure: Summertime air temperature is elevatory, water Wen Ye is corresponding and elevatory, not just goldfish activity quantity is increased, appetite is progressively and exuberant, in the meantime, the breed of microbial, alga, bacterium, death, corrupt speed in all sorts of water also is met heighten, so, the family breeds the point that goldfish water quality runs, should be in namely the season with elevatory warm water, adjust trends of piscine etc biologic is balanced. The acidity matter that alga, fish resolves generation is the base that mould, bacterium creates, deteriorating as the food in the home is acidify above all, mildewy, smell is same! So, this is seasonal, ask Yu Youzeng increases the frequency that change water, clear in time fish, the operation when changing water should take care a few, avoid new water to pound piscine body directly, salt and saleratus can be joined appropriately after changing water (move water to alkalescent) , former it is to prevent piscine disease to happen, latter is to defer career of water quality change. Possible sentence, still answer the density that bring down raise feeds goldfish; In the meantime, aggrandizement physics filters, carry raise water as far as possible in tea green virescent perhaps, facilitating observation. Novice, but raise feeds one end snakeheaded fish, ill to watching a fish (mildew, pink, hyperaemia) have certain help. The fish that feeds goldfish to balcony raise is friendly, still answer according to particular case, pass in sunshine strong it is to take the step such as sunshade. Conditional word, no matter nightly by day, all should hit oxygen.

2, ? Raise feeds management:
As temperature rise of air temperature, water tall, just overshoot the love fish of breed period shows all alone appetite to hope to increase gradually, piscine friendly raise is fed undeserved, produce accident easily. Incidental problem and processing measure are as follows:
, ? Heart of fish of piscine friendly affection is cut, love fish appears when stronger demand is fed, a large number of casting hello, especially the fish that Yo has Xiaomiao is friendly, the mood that expectation fry grows quickly is pressing, also be to be cast in great quantities hello, feed the bait that feed work especially, because purchase, store, feed the limitation with feed the many sided such as time, energy to all get certain, often a large number of one-time casting hello, cause goldfish extremely easily to suffer from so on enteritis, till love fish is hanged,die. Parent fish passes breed period, each respect constitution restores to need proper time, can slow increase stage by stage feed appetite, this is the crucial place that raise feeds, pass breed period1Many after the monthMany after the monthTo7The last ten-day of a month of the middle of a monthThe last ten-day of a month of the middle of a month, climate is stable, square accessibility normal fatten, urge long raise to feed. In the meantime, still need to accompany increase the quantity that change water and frequency to give cooperate. The place on put together is narrated, although air temperature, water is warm elevatory, hello feed relatively before paragraph time has relative advantage, but still want withRare water is wide raise, a few much foodFeed a principle for raise.
, ? As the occurrence of vivid bait, friend of a lot of fish is consider love a fish, like to feed the bait that feed work, the risk that disease of bug of sex of the source outside causing, bacterium inbreaks is increased. The fish that raises goldfish in the light of domestic urine body especially is friendly, one but disease of this kind of fish appears in the home, development is extremely swift and violent, once deal with undeserved, cause a loss easily. So, besides must disinfect adequately to vivid bait, had mastered outside feeding appetite, still answer goldfish to undertake the disinfection of antiseptic, sanded bug regularly. Ordinary water is warm25Or so degrees but3~1Month1Second, 25Spend above, half month1Second. Discover ill fish to although keep apart,answer, complete crock clear crock does corresponding processing, prevent piscine disease grow like a weed. The individual suggests, if not be the piscine friend that grow seedlings feeds nurturance fish however, need not go after feed the bait that feed work, still should feed feed feed opposite risk is lesser. Friendly to the fish of grow seedlings, but basis oneself circumstance, press afore-mentioned principles, kill regularly bug, antiseptic!

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