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How to make goldfish more gorgeous

Want to maintain the gorgeous colour of goldfish itself, The most important is to want to often be cast to goldfish feed fresh bait material, In order to increase the nutrition of goldfish, Piscine put oneself in another’s position is strong abilityYouth always is stationed in”, Maintain gorgeous appearance. Besides, The decolour environment that masters good goldfish also is crucial.

? Above all, When goldfish decolour, Want to make its often enjoy the illuminate of sunshine, Had better be to make water system medium contain a few phytolankton, Can increase the pigment cell inside piscine body so, What add goldfish body color then is bright-coloured degree. Still answer to move fishbowl less as far as possible at the same time, Numerous ground of unfavorable also and beyond the mark frequency changes water to goldfish, Lest stimulate the skin of goldfish, Of quality of facilitating goldfish style evolve normally? Next, The style quality that the easy environment with enough oxygen maintains gorgeous to goldfish is very important, If goldfish lives for a long time in anoxic in the environment, Can rely on a gangmaster to rise to surface to absorb oxygen only, So piscine body can become dim and blank. The 3rd, The person is added in crock water the basic material such as a few soda pink, Put a person appropriately ornamental of a few green, Also can make the colour of goldfish appears more gorgeous.

? Returning what should notice is, Often do not move goldfish, Grow in order to facilitate goldfish is stabilized, This is gorgeous to maintaining its color have profit greatly.

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