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The sunshine in goldfish raise Yo and sunshade

The necessity of sunshine

The rise with lukewarm to water sunlight and animal sex? Plant sex the breed of plankton and liver mosses kind photosynthesis, Everyday lowest3The sunshine of the hour is very necessary. Include the goldfish that we foster among them. Sunshine is returned can can antiseptic the breed that reachs control pathogen. Especially season of winter He Huangmei increases sunshine time more as far as possible.

2 Sunshine time reachs physiology function of the fish
Let a fish those who feel seasonal change is water gentle illumination, Illumination can bring what be proved physiology function is hormonal to secrete, the sexual gland stimulation that achieves proper time to come from a head when sunshine is secreted hormonally increase, germen develops. The physiology that gives a fish brings influence and change. Everyday least3The love fish that the smooth note of the hour gives you brings health and joy.

Summertime sunshine and sunshade
But the sunshine with opposite strong cent, also can destroy piscine health . Because,summertime sunshine is beyond the mark strong,
If with1520cmwater is raised, water is warm exceeded very quickly30, Below such Gao Shuiwen environment, piscine appetite drops,
What athletics goes is slow. Best control32–33℃ is the following, Use havelock block to go one part strong light. This is basic sunshade use law.

4 The use law of havelock

Change often according to raising a goal sunshade, Because want the thinking that changes according to oneself breed and character to raise. The fish to development body as far as possible need not sunshade, Can make do sufficient exercise, promote and aggrandizement physical strength. Defect is end model change not model with tensional slacken. To adumbral fish, Advantage is end model tension can maintain, But the abate meeting of illumination makes motion slow body get fat, And grow what length changes is slow.

Change of best and both union is used, Activity is united in wedlock. The seasonal move that lets a fish have nature certainly and the acclimation to nature, The temperature environment to the fish change to fall should noting more for new fish in those days, Maintain piscine health.

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