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Golden bait expects cast feed a technology

Golden bait makings must depend on the trends of school, timely and right amount cast hello. General adult fish sends the material that feed bait everyday1Second. Spring, of autumn cast feed time to be every sky midday8~9When, the summer is7~8When; Winter in principle does not send the material that feed bait in the morning, when water lukewarm maintain4~5When ℃ , but afternoon2~3When activity of sunny, goldfish relatively a long time throws bug of thimbleful live fish. In the environment of such low temperature, goldfish can take the vivid water flea that eats very few amount, the rest of live fish bug can clear contamination of the part in water, be helpful for water quality purifying. Every time cast feed a volume, can master in cast after feeding1~2The hour is fed entirely clean advisable. Childhood young goldfish must be collected everyday feed6~8Hour, in order to make its grow growth is good.
Vivid bait expects cast feed a technology to want first will new the water flea that catchs is placed bleach Xian Gan in clear water clean, in full process lieutenant general vivid bug and dead bug scoop up different container respectively in, feed the high grade goldfish that fosters mainly with live fish bug, the water flea that already died and did not deteriorate is cast feed common goldfish. Watchful dead water flea should be cast less hello, the dead bug metamorphism that lest goldfish takes food,remains affects water quality.
The experiment makes clear, goldfish appetite first-rate water Wen Wei20~28℃ , here the condition falls, goldfish move about is lively, appetite is exuberant, the constitution is hale, style quality is gorgeous. When water lukewarm25When ℃ , food is digested inside goldfish enteron reach absorption time to be4~5Hour; Water is warm15When ℃ , its digest time to lengthen to7~8Hour; Water is warm8~10When ℃ , goldfish activity quantity decreases, collect appetite to also be reduced; Water is warm4~7When ℃ , the activity of goldfish and collect appetite few, unfavorable cast feed more bait material.
Raise, the person that play money reward fish, can consult afore-mentioned data, trends of serious observation goldfish and take feed a circumstance, timely and right amount ground sends material of the bait that feed work, this also is the crucial technology that raises goldfish success.
Cooperate what bait expects to cast artificially feed labour of technical choose and employ persons to cooperate bait to expect raise feeds goldfish and raise of the water flea that use work differ somewhat. Must survey golden school seriously above all collect feed a state, should master appropriately next cast feed the measure that coordinates bait makings, be sure to keep in mind cannot excessive. Because live fish bug can cause the appetite of goldfish very much, goldfish is right of live fish bug take appetite to cooperate bait to expect artificially more than far, cast hello after cooperating bait to expect artificially, goldfish takes the leftover bait stuff that does not eat to be decomposed very quickly in water at that time, produce harmful to goldfish material, affect water quality extremely easily, very adverse to goldfish life, cause a large number of death even.
Goldfish is collected to what bait expects feed, digest reach those who absorb is measurable, can try to judge according to the color of goldfish eduction excrement and urine. When its excrement and urine submits form of green, brown or black vitta, show golden school collects appetite measurable, digest reach absorb good; When the excrement and urine of goldfish eduction shows white, hoar or Huang Bai scene, normally the reason is goldfish is taken feed cooperate bait makings excessive, digest absorb not beautiful causes. Can consider to decrease right now cast feed a volume, also can consider to adjust the recipe that cooperates bait makings, increase the proportion of animal sex protein appropriately, reduce the proportion of plant feed appropriately.

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