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Goldfish does not eat the cause that feed to reach lure feed a method

Goldfish is raised in aquatic animals box, besides observation health, the fish is confused people be afraid what care most is it does not open a mouth to have a thing, the problem of eating Duobuduo.

Do not open the account that impediment feeds only to new fish: Generally speaking, a few eat a fish newly need to pass about2Day, or the time of a week just can get used to new environment and accept food. Additionally goldfish is in through flounder of layer upon layer agency withCommoditywhen name pursues a sale, the water quality inside bagging of the bag in carrying road possibly to avoid to cause produces contaminative problem and gastric disorder with the passing of time, the handles new fish technique of the agency that adds on each deal with has each mostly, so these measure can say really to the fish more it is a kind of torment; Plus the packing means of the narrow space in carriage road, these newcome fish can say only had been vigour big injury, need time ability to be able to restore. ? ” goldfish is little 100 divisions “
Majority new fish is not accepting alimental main reason besides above says position has not restore and besides the problem of oneself food object, the reason haply with likely the others still has below these:
, the fish of sickenThe likelihood because fish itself is caught from deep-sea moment because take kind undeserved the internal injury that cause, or because flounder carriage process is medium and processing means is undeserved the disease infection that cause, ailing fish is meeting appetite for certain not beautiful.
, environmental water qualityIf raise environmental water quality, water lukewarm happening metabolic range is too big, or it is new fish enters a crockAdd waterExercise is done not have proper, often also can create a fish only incommensurate and gastric disorder.
, raise a groupA few gregarious fish, the fish that perhaps raises in couples, bed sheet is raised alone, or in the environment that be raised other mix those who raise fish is unwell, causePressingAnd refus is fed.
, . Environmental spaceIf raise the type of build or figure of fish too big, and the space that raises an environment lesser, this kind of circumstance falls to cause Yu Chi easily also not to agree to start to talk behindhand.
, nutrient problemThis question happens in a few fish that had opened impediment to feed originally constantly indescribable perhaps transform the with respect to gastric disorder phenomenon after the environment. Besides new environment suit besides, the reason of other possibility is, the constitution that long-term and onefold nutrition supply causes before is frail, after should accumulating certain level, abrupt the earth’s surface showed to come out.

There was manufacturer of a few aquatic animals to roll out on the market special lure feed an agent. With puissant lure feed an agent, biology element, all sorts of amino acid, beet element, plant extraction content for raw material, safe and revulsive fish appetite, raise aquatic animals animal to forage behavior, shorten eat time, reduce Yushui of nutrient material dissolve and feed remains, make fish digest enzymatic exudation to be able to raise digestive rate and absorbency. Main effect behaves:
, lure feed, hurried is long: Taste safety to lure feeding habits originally extremely strong, reduce the anorexia that of all kinds aquatic animals alternates because of the environment and causes effectively, refus is fed should stimulate response.
, raise juvenile aspect survival rate: Contain rich protein, reach all sorts of amino acid, it is fish, shrimp leaves goodly feed revulsive, precocity of stimulative the young is fed, photograph more feed, help aid digestion. Raise the survival rate of aquatic animals significantly.
, protect water quality: Utmost ground reduces bait to expect underwater be lost, bait of pool heart damage decreases apparently, protect water environment.
, disease-resistant immunity: A variety of biology element are absorbed inside body, can promote growth of organ of the immunity inside body of fish, shrimp, cellular hyperplasia, increaseSODActive, increase capacity of disease-resistant of fish, shrimp, reduce disease happening.

The health of aquatic animals goldfish needs a fish to confuse people had done day-to-day management work, maintaining healthy aquatic environment is essential, raise a fish forage behavior more beneficial Yu Jiankang grows.

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