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Of goldfish cast feed a principle

Of goldfish outside raising good except management water quality, accomplish science to cast even hello offer goldfish to grow development and the nutrient material that carry institute of piscine body health to need.

One, the feed with right choice

Feed divides natural bait makings and formula feed. Formula feed has the feed of fundamental feed and special function, in these feed, have high-grade stuff, also have cheap stuff. Choose which kind of feed to cast feed goldfish, the function that what want a consideration above all is feed whether with breed object and breed purpose conform to, for example special feed should not cast gules goldfish feed black goldfish. The value of the commodity value that wants fish of understanding breed aquatics next and feed whether conform to, cheap feed should be not cast feed advanced course goldfish.

2, cast correctly certainly hello frequency and cast feed a volume

  1, cast certainly according to the physiology character of goldfish hello frequency and cast feed a volume

Goldfish is cold-blooded animal, its appetitive change suffers the effect of water lukewarm change, in1828When ℃ , the growth of goldfish growth is rapid, metabolism is exuberant, appetite excitement, cast feed a quantity to should increase appropriately, when water lukewarm under10℃ and prep above30When ℃ , the anorexia of goldfish, cast hello frequency and cast feed a quantity to also decrease accordingly. If water is warm under5℃ , goldfish basically is not photographed feed.

The digestion of goldfish does not have a stomach in the structure, after food is photographed to feed by goldfish cannot keep in storage, feed a quantity to cannot pass because of be being cast this much, if cast,feed overmuch, fish devouringly, alvine line is full bilge, cause indigestion easily. Compare big season in lukewarm change of the water in a day especially. Cast so when feeding, should accomplishA few much food, but the frequency that if cast,feeds is too frequent, goldfish is in appetitive excitement condition for a long time, grow to goldfish development also is adverse.

   2, will be cast certainly according to the change of environmental element fed frequency and cast feed a volume

The change of environmental element affects the metabolism of goldfish directly, give the appearance that cash fish appetite increases or drops thereby, for example: The dissolved oxygen in water system is enough, the appetite of goldfish also can increase. Be in accordingly wet, plum rains is seasonal, and the weather with sultry summer should decrease appropriately cast feed a volume.

   3, according to different breed aquatics the purpose is cast certainly feed a volume

The breed aquatics of goldfish management and other fish differ somewhat. The goldfish that some need grow quickly should increase appropriately cast feed a volume, and the norms that some had achieved a requirement, need to control the fish that its grow, below the premise that makes sure piscine body health, place wants nutrient material, want control to cast hello measure and decrease cast feed a frequency. Dominate the end that its grow in order to achieve.

   4, differ according to goldfish grow development period will decide to cast feed a volume

Fry phase grows growth is rapid, should increase appropriately cast feed a frequency, parent fish breeds period, to promote the growth of sexual gland, should increase appropriately cast feed a volume. Piscine system condition is poor, the constitution should decrease infirmly cast feed a volume, the fish of sicken should decrease cast feed or stop to cast hello.
Anyhow should be cast correctly certainly hello frequency and cast feed a volume, must know the news of each respect, sum up experience ceaselessly, watch piscine system ceaselessly photograph feed reaction, ability is accomplished reasonable cast hello, usually, cast everyday hello4Second. According to particular case proper increase and decrease, cast fed volume to be able to eat food to be with half hours of or so fish every time accurate. If be aquatic animals box,throw fed amount every time with10Or so minutes the fish can eat food to be accurate.

3, cast suitably certainly feed time

Usually, requirement days is the most comfortable during water is warm cast adequately hello, avoid to be cast premature or too late as far as possible hello. Cast for the first time feed time, summerly fall is in about in the morning7:00Around undertakes, wintry spring section is in8:30 ― 9:00Cast between hello. Cast for the last time hello should afternoon4:00The left and right sides undertakes, midway casts fed frequency and time to should decide according to particular case. Cast twice usually hello between should removed2Hour.

4, cast feed the item that should notice

Do not cast when head of float of early morning fish hello, even if spend float head gently, also want to wait for float head to stop, school move about begins to cast after half hours normally hello, decrease the first time cast feed a volume;

After new fish puts in a suitable place to breed, should stop to cast hello1 ― 2Day;

Burning hot summer should avoid to cast when high temperature midday hello;

Employ noxiousness should stop to cast when older helminthic other people feed a day;

Appear serious water quality problem should decrease cast hello stop to cast even hello;

The piscine pool that just changed new water should decrease cast feed or stop to cast hello;

Encounter abrupt weather revulsion should decrease cast feed or do not feed;

Raise should stop before awaiting the shipment that send a fish2 ― 3Day;

Surface relatively the piscine pool with flood darker style should be built set feed a stage to decide a dot to cast hello;

Fresh the ability after bait makings wants disinfection to clean is cast hello;

Degenerative feed is not cast hello;

Remnant bait should be scooped up, absolutely cannot incomplete bait is in in the pool pass the night;

The feed of low class does not cast the fish that feeds advanced course;

Cast what the fish should watch after feeding to photograph feed reaction.

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