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How to see whether goldfish is satiate?

Satiate not? ”This is the Chinese greets sb each other a the most commonly used word! To a lot of pet raise advocate, feline dog abdomen became hungry mew of can tearful mew calls the ground to act like a spoiled child with host, nevertheless, fish? Still be OK actually from inside common observation, see a fish reaction!

If fish the appearance that seeks a thing to eat in look for peck all the time in water, state may be hungry, want to seek thing cram oneself with food, when you lose feed to eat to , can be grabbed immediately feed;If just pecks feed 9 times, begin the sentence that amuse oneself plays, state is satiate already ! Such means comes differentiate is very simple!

Raise an idea correctly

Besides the simple and easy observation on in order to the law judges a fish satiate not, the palm that still can measure with time and feed accuses to judge a fish satiate not. Generally speaking, if cast packs the proposal that go up to measure a fish eat, fish appetite response is good, 510Minute feeds feed is measured should by the fish people eat, and fish people what should have eaten is very full;If feeding feed hind5To10After minute, when there still is odd feed in water, state feed quantity may be overmuch, next feed are fed when feeding, should want to reduce an amount.

For all that, some fingerling eat a thing to be done not have quite abstemious, resembling is: Baby of hematic parrot, character 8, goldfish……Etc, these a few kinds of fish can eat desperately, so we should watch a fish more the posture that the truth should notice its are normal namely how, if feed feed hind to eats all the time and make abdomen too rouse too go up, what state eats is too much, cannot have the deal level of feed in order to use such deal as , normally we are hope fish gut can take after feeding feed some are roused a little enough, aux would rather a few much food, the proper feed deal that the inside a day can have cent is become 2 will feed to 3, criterion fish won’t have having too much meeting is to the state that leaves the feed that does not eat happens, and should follow a fish only the contact is more, you can discover a fish certainly people see you are met receive you ardently, this is so called ” identify host ” case happening, let piscicultural person feel very successful namely of feeling momently!

Scoop up the feed that divides remains

Besides maintaining correct feed to drop fed idea, even the habit that nurturance scoops up overmuch feed, because if these cross much feed,stay in aquatic animals crock all the time, actually fish can eat not quite, believe to change doing is the food that the person also won’t like to eat to already deteriorated through eat! And the forage plants of these remain because be decomposed,can be dropped and produce the material with a few pairs of bad fish to transform even toxin, the food that must not let these remain so will pollute a fish the idea of living environment also is important!

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