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Do goldfish of good the four seasons to facilitate raise management, change according to season, keep the working key of every months in a year into menology watchKeep the working key of every months in a year into menology watchThis watch fastens basis China north, Beijing, Tianjin to take weather to write) , offer reference only.
Offer reference only..
One) spring
The air temperature since this month will begin to pick up in March, mean monthly air temperature is in10℃ above, although just entered spring, but sometimes air temperature however prep above20℃ , sometimes under10℃ , change is bigger, in raise the attention should be added more on management.
① changes water frequency to be mixed basically on the month is same, pick up suddenly when air temperature taller when, can increase1Second.
② because air temperature is warmer, water temperature rise is fast, some fish already began oestrus, have angle appearance even, appetite is consequently poor, feed appetite to should not be overmuch.
Area of ③ China north is indoor the goldfish of hibernate at3Month20~23, Day moves give the open air outdoor to raise, must have beforehand good basin, pool and air water, need water lukewarm with indoor photograph at the same time, move piece outdoor. Original1cast the makings that feed bait to answer a few, when it is normal to wait for the excrement and urine after digesting, send the material that feed bait gradual.
④ is progenitive period will arrive, Each preparation before should becoming good breed works, make very progenitive plan. To going up year of parent fish that already had kept, be like winter and the pool raises, should reduce density now, and redo1Second examination, male and female is reasonable and tie-in, if fish of male and female divides what the pool raises, can begin and the pool is raised.
⑤ has scooped up the aquatic of the mew that do a fish, clean disinfection, raise in clear water, plunge into reserve.
⑥ hatch pool, basin should clean disinfection to reserve.
Although ⑦ did not arrive Pure Brightness, but turn when climate Wen Da of warm, water arrives12When ℃ , should notice the oestrus behavior of a few parent fish, put in time into piscine mew, so that female fish lays eggs.
Will enter Pure Brightness in April, fish already oestrus, in Hua Dong, China medium, China north is taken, begin generally to lay eggs hatch. China north area breeds the job is a key this month.
① changes water every week commonly1Second. Lay eggs to having that day behavior, and lay eggs the pool with more number, basin, change to prevent water quality, should grant to change water partly afternoon.
② concerns because of laying eggs, parent fish appetite is not tall, bait makings feeds a quantity to should not be overmuch, and best the water flea that can feed some of work.
③ notes water lukewarm change, strengthen the examination to parent fish, discover angle of fish of male and female is very active, have lay eggs when omen, want to be put in time into piscine mew, lay eggs in order to offer. Ante meridiem takes out piscine nest, if lay eggs action is vigorous, mew of the first fish already stuck full egg, want to put the 2nd in time, even the 3rd, prevent to fall egg, cause a loss.
The egg that produces per month on ④ already the fry of hatch, should strengthen in time hello feed and change water, promote grow hair .
⑤ to parent fish, should strengthen management, when laying eggs, because angle is excessive,prevent or produce an accident.
Appropriate in May progenitive peak period, want to manage good parent fish already, want to feed good prelarva and juvenile again.
① lays eggs to doing not have the female fish of behavior, the number that change water should see weather change, wen Gao of day fine water, increase appropriately1~2Second; Day of overcast and rainy changes water frequency and roughly identical in April.
② prelarva is grown already, enter juvenile period, begin to feed flowing water flea, all day ceaseless, promote grow. To parent fish, also had better feed flowing water flea, Be helpful for lay eggs and postpartum restore a constitution.
③ changes water inside this month very busy, no matter parent fish, prelarva or juvenile all should strengthen examination and feed, prevent accident happening.
④ begins to choose juvenile.
⑤ female fish still is laying eggs period in, water is warm in the morning appropriate when, still many parent fish lay eggs, answer to put mew controlling a fish in time.
⑥ when air temperature tall, Shui Wenchao passes25When ℃ , build shade canopy to parent fish beard, keep out strong sunshine.
Keep out strong sunshine..
22The summer
Changjiang Delta will enter plum rains season this month in June, north takes person the height of summer. The prevention and cure that should strengthen piscine disease already works, want those who quicken juvenile to breed again. Feed with be being cast appropriately fresh bait makings is beautiful.
① to reduce the happening of piscine disease, encounter excessive rain continuous weather, can undertake medicaments prevents.
② changes water this month the month on frequency comparing increases somewhat, roughly3~5Day1Second, rinse of juvenile basin, pool is clean, decrease lichenous, make juvenile eat artificial bait to expect, with benefit at growing development.
Of wet of ③ parent fish feed appetite to decrease appropriately, to juvenile, according to water lukewarm reasonable cast hello, control appetite.
When ④ encounters sunshine high temperature, build sunshine of shade canopy keep out even to parent fish.
⑤ continues to had done the work that pick a fish.
Although ⑥ enters rainy season, a few female fish still has the egg that has not produce, still can lay eggs, the egg that produces right now namely so calledMildew child, grow growth is slower. To less rare breed, still can put a fish on mew, undertake hatch; Double and elaborate raise management, be short of with Bu Zhen.
Midsummer is rainy in July, enter the summer of high temperature, water temperature rise is fast, change Shui Yiqin, strengthen juvenile to raise management. Juvenile still is in seed selection.
① changes Shui Yiqin, every3Day1Second. Change water time, appropriate is early in the morning, defer appropriately afternoon.
② is fed feed appropriate early, had better be in in the morning6When before. Outside dividing juvenile, because the weather is hot, feed a quantity to want to decrease appropriately, general in order to be in1The dispose of inside the hour is advisable.
③ is mixed to big fish senile goldfish, heat up metabolic circumstance according to the fine, build shade canopy sunshade
Smooth, prevent to produce bleb disease.
④ is careful afternoon makings of bait of the rest of check basin, pool, seasonable and epispastic, prevent goldfish night
Anoxic float head.
⑤ begins nightly check , prevent goldfish anoxic float head or extensive basin death.
August weather by burning hot turn cool, change Shui Yiqin, bait makings feeds a quantity to want proper. Can inspect a circumstance to increase appropriately.
① water is warm taller, change water to be mixed basically on the month is same, sometimes2Day1Second, depend on water quality and decide.
② bait makings feeds a volume appropriate, special in sultry weather, to senile goldfish feed a quantity to want proper control.
③ day heat builds shade canopy appropriate early, encounter fine day, after the sun rises instantly block shade. To juvenile, proper hide from view also answers when high temperature midday shade.
④ strengthens nightly examination, prevent float head, special in fuggy nightly should notice doubly. Check goldfish trends, take strict precautions against casualties of anoxic float first class.
Take strict precautions against casualties of anoxic float first class..
3) autumn
September incomplete heat not disappear, return likelihood occurrence high temperature sometimes, air temperature of second half month is appropriate, breed the good time of young goldfish just about, want to strengthen bait makings to supply.
The half moon on ① feeds appetite to be mixed basically on the month is same. Next half moon summer heat already disappear, air temperature is appropriate, piscine appetite begins to grow, feed appetite to be able to increase appropriately, grow in order to promote hair.
② changes water time to still be mixed on the month is same.
③ old fish still should have done block shade. Juvenile divides high temperature weather outside, but need not block shade, master appropriately.
After ④ the last ten-day of a month, water is warm begin to reduce, appropriate bacterium, helminth is progenitive, want to use the dip such as Xi Lin of salt, potassium permanganate, furan to wash piscine system regularly, prevent piscine disease to happen.
October weather begins to turn cold, air temperature drops, piscine appetite is still good, should strengthen hello feed the job, ensure goldfish fat fat put oneself in another’s position is strong, safe live through the winter.
① is strengthened fresh bait makings is supplied, with the benefit growth at juvenile development, achieve fat fertilizer put oneself in another’s position is strong, lay good foundation to lay eggs next year. To old fish, should accumulate adipose, for ready-made of safe live through the winter.
② changes water time interval is lengthened appropriately, every5Day1Second.
③ is in the sunshine of high temperature, should make short time hide from view to old fish midday shade.
④ continues fixed medicaments dip of the month is washed, prevent piscine disease.
Air temperature of area of ⑤ China north gradually low, begin to freeze. Need to had made the preparation of indoor live through the winter commonly, equipment appropriate disinfects basin, pool and air water. At10Month21~23Day general goldfish is immigrant and indoor. Enter room hind, attentive observation, attentive cast bait. Had better be to cast hello3~7Day vivid bug, the quantity wants little.
November air temperature gradually low, but piscine appetite is still good, continue to do good bait makings to supply, the constitution with keeping a fish is hale.
① changes water frequency to decrease, weekly1Second.
② increases fresh bait makings supply, eat time to be able to be lengthened afternoon.
③ demolishs shade canopy, do not prevent strong sun again.
④ picks the parent fish of fine have seed stock according to the standard of parent fish, want to notice scale of male and female.
⑤ water is warm still the breed of appropriate and certain bacteria, helminth, the prophylaxis and treatment that still needs to make good fish disease works, with benefit safety live through the winter.
With benefit safety live through the winter..
4) winter
Already will enter winter in December, climate chill, had done defend work of cold heat preservation. Content of job of the north austral our country each different.
① every7~10The day changes water1Second. In make sure water quality is changeless below bad premise, change water less as far as possible.
The appetite of ② fish begins to drop, because water is warm low, for appetitive, hello it is OK to eat time defer arrives afternoon2~3When.
The fish inside pool of ③ general fish, crock is amalgamative, in order to raise unit area raise an amount.
④ some fish turn into indoor live through the winter, all sorts of it is good that pool of the fish outdoor should have preventing cold establishment. Proper motion of each district similarities and differences masters.
Climate is freezing in January, piscine activity decreases, appetite is reduced.
① changes water21Second, master according to water quality state, change water less as far as possible, change what water time appropriate chooses sunshine to undertake midday.
② fish still has a few appetite, but eat an amount very little, midday is one meridian water lukewarm taller hour, cast at this moment hello be helpful for taking food.
③ basis enrages gentle water lukewarm change, nightly pool, crock can build security system appropriately.
Was the coldest season in a year in Feburary, should have done more defend work of cold heat preservation, in order to protect the safe live through the winter of goldfish.
① climate is freezing, basin, pool builds preserve, should prevent snowflake to fall in person basin, pool.
② changes water less as far as possible. Encounter Xue Tian, the school of outdoor hibernate should change water after snow, prevent frostbite.
③ meets freezing day, lift preserve midday, knock ice cube of fish out of the face that break ice, cover good security again.
④ divides cold weather outside, sunshine water is warm midday taller when, can cast feed a few vivid bait makings, in order to prevent piscine body become thin, advantageous will lay eggs henceforth progenitive.

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