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34 month are goldfish raise difficulty

34 month are goldfish raise difficulty, crossed this two months next in a year also with respect to big question of it doesn’t matter.

According to the problem of friend of close recently fish, say next matter that want an attention.

1.Use water less. Water had better not be changed on the foundation that is no problem in water quality, change water to be stimulated to fish bone now bigger, rot easily branchial, the disease that print (skin canker) ,

Even if want to change also can change only1/5-1/3.

2.Feed less feed. As weather one every day calefacient, fish appetite increases, often some of fish friend can be cast more feed feed, the protein inside eating fishy put oneself in another’s position is much, april the fish lays eggs period is very adverse to the fish, cause difficult labor very easily, cause piscine dead seed to be over finally phenomenon. So we say to feed 78 minutes at ordinary times full, feed during the move5Cent is satiated enough.

Hair head. The move is seasonal it is a fish the initial stage of chief body, it is a few heads have comb kind the optimal period of tumour of piscine long head, add as sarcoma thick, the meeting in tumour secretes substance of a kind of white, control good water quality is no problem during.

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