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After goldfish hibernate, spring leaves feed want to notice

Spring came, accompany those who follow a climate to improve, the goldfish in player hand also the progressively come to one’s senses in the gastric disorder rest period from in the winter!
Of spring feed it is important to be in this moment blame, if there is not the friend that passes gastric disorder period in the winter,the first problem that faces above all after beginning of spring is winter fish be in half dormancy condition to fall to still be fed ceaselessly only feed the enteritis that cause!
For progenitive to wanting person, spring leaves feeding the first problem that face perhaps is the fish did not pass gastric disorder to perhaps be fed only too much too fat, and bring about a fish to be not swung only child perhaps do not chase after a star.

Say to choose simple method below, believe to meet pair of friends be helped somewhat, and won’t make a fish too angular because of gastric disorder! Understand easily simply, everybody can be accomplished!

Spring leaves want to notice:
The first: Spring leaves feed wake upThe aperitif before goldfish eat“ —Green water leaves feed
The fish of winter gastric disorder, after spring comes if a large number of direct feeding,incidental disease is enteritis, serious cause even break gourd ladle or scamper scale. Be in so beginning of spring when leave with this method feeding is very good method, change the water in original cistern relative to a few higher green water with chroma, because green Shui Zhongfu contains alga, because this loves a fish to be in a breath that closes,can absorb a few food, raise in green water wake up2When the day is controlled resumptive cast feed food, the goldfish that opens appetite is met more active! The love fish that can be you lays good foundation in spring, at the same time unapt too fat, also can have profit very much to breed! Actually green water is elixir water in the eye of a lot of players, it has its great advantage really, also affect you at the same time nevertheless the appreciation to loving a fish or observation, if green water controls bad situation to fall, can bring about disease to erupt instead, and because love fish did not observe discovery in time, protracted remedial opportunity!

The 2nd: Spring leaves feed wake upSoup of goldfish table fim! “ —Hematic bug
Although little younger brother has,become a fodder, but little younger brother is certain from beginning to endDoing not have a kind of any food is to be able to be replaced include all! Cooperating use ability is kingcraft!
Hematic bug is compared as market of a kind of aquatic animals general and general view and admire piscine food, leave in spring when feeding, expression is highlighted particularly! After gastric disorder period passes in the winter, goldfish bowel path will be very flimsy, this moment needs a few better digest absorb, and very soft food will transfer. It is to drink congee commonly after serious like people defect, not be direct big fish big meat. Hematic bug is met in the action of this moment apparently! Freezing hematic bug puts freezer in very good also save! Feed cast inside a week hello with hematic bug, begin formula feed to have raise one week later, you will get very good result!

The 3rd: Spring leaves feed wake upGoldfish table is appetizing and healthy flavour dish“ —Succulence
Speak of succulence, friend of piscicultural of a lot of begin to learn can ask— ”What feed be? Where can be bought? Here fierce wind needs to explain, succulence isThe common of feed of greenery sex live body says, also did not sell on the market. Included sort is very much also, for example: The duckweed that do not have a root (fully reputable reputable thing, also call Ren Danzao to wait) , Chinese cabbage leaf (somebody is used, nevertheless premise is to wash clean pesticide! With a ha breath out) , duckweed (bigger fish, for example bright and beautiful carp is more applicable, need disinfection is washed clean) . . . . . .
Succulence serves as assisting each phase in the fish is the effect is very good, especially the fish graces only!
Leave as spring nevertheless when feeding, cast appropriately hello a few basically go up as what cooperate reason of a list of names posted up isIntestines and stomach of crude fibre rinse, be later period grow hello feed had made sufficient preparation!

Total note:
Beginning of spring is fed feed avoid by all means shoulded not be overmuch namely! Increase of successive gradually!
Beginning of spring is fed feed conditional circumstance to fall to be given priority to with delicate feed, enter high protein feed slowly!
Beginning of spring notes water lukewarm change, had done prevent cold preparation, prevent spring chill!

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