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Winter goldfish oxygen demand decreases

Of goldfish raise technical stronger, a lot of lover often lose confidence because of raising failure, even if is the feeder that has certain experience, the influence that because operate error, carelessness or atrocious weather sometimes,also meets brings a loss. But of goldfish raising is to have the law but of abide, want to master control elementary main points only, modest consult to the master worker that has experience, pay attention to the study of book learning at the same time, you are met gradually of handy. We understand what most person cares to put in a suitable place to breed below first density problem.

Density is unit area puts in a suitable place to breed the amount of goldfish. Master appropriate density, to growing of goldfish normally, rise grow speed, the bodily form with good nurturance is very important. Raise rarely, goldfish can grow healthily, water quality is polluted not easily, goldfish is not easy and anoxic, grow faster, common saying says, ” wide water raises big fish ” , it is this truth. But it is better at saying goldfish is raised more rarely that this differs, right amount density, be helpful for short fat figure and develop the formation of tail fin. On the other hand, the farm that is engaged in commerce raising still has the problem of an economic benefits. Density is exorbitant, the oxygen demand of goldfish increases, long spend gently anoxic, make goldfish can eat and do not grow, become thin is emaciated, easy sicken dies, serious and anoxic when goldfish will be frowsty inside short time crock and die. Density is exorbitant, the fecal grow in quantity of goldfish, harmful material increases in water faster, quickened the pollution of water quality, if take the way to deal with a situation that changes water often, goldfish gets new water exciting and too much, same meeting sicken dies.

The unit of goldfish puts in a suitable place to breed density is not a constant, the it and season, climate, technology on any account that drops condition of system of bait, fish, feeder and raise the element such as gimmick closely related. Burning hot Xia Qiu is seasonal, oxygen of the dissolve in water is little, goldfish oxygen demand is big, density appropriate is rare. In fuggy monsoon, should pass the security that reduce density or takes the measure that adds oxygen to assure goldfish more.

? Winter goldfish oxygen demand is little, put in a suitable place to breed the quantity can increase one times. More to casting bait or join the crock pool that feeds artificial feed, water pollution is faster, density should be controlled accordingly. Eye of the pearl scale of enervated, bleb, postpartum is planted fish, the aged fish, ill fish, because be able to bear or endure anoxic ability not strong or the reason such as constitutional difference, should notice to cannot be raised too closely more. Bodily form, colour is exceedingly good individual, the juvenile that breeds mainly, put rare density, increase what entice alive to put in, be helpful for its growing quickly. Control growth for sale breed, general variety to those, can raise goldfish in weak green water, first short-term and abstinence, control casts bait after, make its slant at hunger, limitation grows, rise put in a suitable place to breed density.

Anyhow, density pilot principle is with goldfish not anoxic, not float head is a standard, feeder should strengthen observation in breeding a process, timely adjusting control, accumulate experience, good with correct processing make full use of surface, managing manage the contradiction that grows quickly with goldfish health.

? The reference of every square metre puts in a suitable place to breed measure

? Domestic aquarium pisciculture puts in a suitable place to breed density consults (calculate by 1 meter of aquarium, need to deserve to have filter the equipment that add oxygen)

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