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Summertime goldfish raises management 4 attentions

The summer is goldfish grows the busy season of development. This period, air temperature is higher, of goldfish photograph appetite to increase, the activity is very frequent, together with food ferments residually decompose and water system is microbial grow quickly consume many dissolved oxygen, cause all sorts of disease extremely easily. Accordingly, the science that catchs good summer goldfish is raised with management, it is stimulative goldfish health lively grow, the key that adds appreciation pleasure. Now will measure was summarized as follows at 4 o’clock, offer reference.

One, the attention casts bait appropriately
Of summertime goldfish cast feeding a key is the level that holds an amount. Goldfish feeding habits is wider and devouringly, a lot of animal sexes and makings of plant sex bait all are fond of feed. If send the bait material of excessive in disorder, because of,can cause juvenile devouringly and alvine line is full bilge, dyspeptic, easy generation sluggish is fed. Additional, cast bait was not eaten too much and rudimental Yu Shuizhong is easy ferment degenerative, destroy water quality. The right amount that cast bait is the bait material that sends with place, goldfish is in15, 30Minute eat to be degree. Casting in feeding, should hold the following at 3 o’clock:

1, bait makings origin
Goldfish happy event feeds the animal sex such as earthworm of water flea, water vivid bait makings, if its origin is finite, with nutrient composition all ready artificial synthesis bait expects Yi Ke;

2, disinfection
Vivid bait makings is being cast before feeding should be cleaned adequately and disinfect, cooperate bait makings to also can mix artificially right amount disinfection medicaments, precautionary disease takes piscine poll;

3, the method that cast bait
Press time, ration strictly, feed character surely feed, general and daily1, 2Second, the summer is in in the morning5, 7When, afternoon5, 6Each are cast when, cast what lukewarm, water quality reachs a fish want to combine weather, water when feeding photograph feed reach take into consideration the circumstances of move about circumstance is right amount cast hello, wet, drop in temperature, during reaching sicken sultrily be cast less as far as possible or do not cast.

2, the attention is time change water
Time change water
The cleanness that holds water put oneself in another’s position is creation good the efficient way that raises an environment, specific hold the following 5 respects:

1, the opportunity that change water
Summer changes water one day twice, the sun comes out in the morning previously, after the sun is downhill afternoon, great majority is water is changed after the sun is downhill.

2, the quantity that change water
Ordinary control is in of water system1/5, 1/4Advisable, advocateOld water pisciculture

3, the method that change water
Suck bottom with siphon above all residual reach excrement and urine, discharge at the same time1/5, 1/4Laoshui, the water of via sufficient insolate the cleanness that contain oxygen of the quantity such as rejoin.

4, the operation that change water
Should master light, slow, firm, avoid to injure piscine body, more unfavorable churn Chi Shui, to raising the container every other of goldfish1, 2Week scrub.

5, other method
Also can be in raise pump of the installation inside container, churn ceaselessly water bodily form becomes current, increase water and airy interface, increase oxygen of the dissolve in water;Also can put in zeolite, general every zeolite can be satisfied2Establish the oxygen demand of rice water system;The pond should install aerator.

3, notice disease of prevention and cure
Job of goldfish disease prevention and cure should be given priority to with precaution. It is to put in a suitable place to breed density wants appropriate;2 it is fingerling and feed want to disinfect into the pool;3 it is water of fixed disinfection pool;4 it is timely change water. Summertime air temperature is as high as37, 39Spend, water Wen Yechang is in30Spend above, want vigilance right now anoxic with very hot end two big menace, had done the work that defend office. Main measure is: It is to deepen water level, goldfish can slip into layer of water of bottom low temperature;2 it is complete Qing Dynasty corrupt, change water frequently or go up in container upper cover shading net, temperature rise of slow down water is fast. If discover goldfish is lazy,swim to be fed less in the summer, from group alone deadlocked of fim of place, fish shrinks or the circumstance such as piscine body occurrence white spot, white film, erythema, ulcer, want to keep apart cure in time. The summer still can produce the helminth sex disease such as sodden branchial disease, haemorrhage disease, enteritis and the bacterial sex disease such as the disease that print and anchor head Sao, China Sao, should strengthen job of prevention and cure.

4, the attention manages daily

1, strengthen perambulatory
Everyday morning and evening wants at least perambulatory two, observe condition of goldfish activity and water quality change, timely infuse rinses profit grows at goldfish.

2, move appropriately value aquatic
In goldfish container aquatic of right amount transplanting, aquatic undertakes photosynthesis can satisfy goldfish to be opposite the demand of dissolve oxygen. Come to the container of aquatic changes the time of water to also can be lengthened every half moon even a month. Common aquatic can be chosen get together Hei Zao of careless, small Huang Cao, impeller blade.

3, prevent bask in
Summer should take canopy hide from view in time shade, in case temperature is caused too highIron end. The container between park hill stone, flowers and trees can be planted inside water the hydrophyte such as some of water lecttuce, arrowhead, also can have block shade effect.

4, prevent rain
Summer showery, torrential rain is more, answer to be built in time, prevent rainwater to enter a basin, destroy water quality, cause piscine disease.

5, prevent enemy kill
Often notice cleared frog egg and frog kind, drive water bird, prevent the puppy such as the cat to invade, it is especially when nocturnal occasional is uncared-for by day, answer to build abatis on container, damage accidentally in case.

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