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The control illumination that goldfish adult fish manages

The brightness with lubricious to piscine growth and body sunshine is very advantageous, but in the summer, sunshine is point-blank, make water warm zoom, exorbitant water is warm, make the dissolve oxygen in water decreases, the breath of goldfish also is accelerated, affected its normal life; Additional, as a result of the heighten with warm water, make the phytolankton in water accelerates breed, days, as a result of photosynthesis, they give off many oxygen, make the dissolve oxygen in water assumes supersaturation position, thickly dotted narrow-minded can be formed in water sometimes full, these small bleb can adhere to ceaselessly go up in the body watch of goldfish or fim, can pose these place metabolization obstacles, cause a bacterium to inbreak, make body watch and fim cankered. In the night that does not have sunshine, these phytolankton stopped photosynthesis, they not only do not produce oxygen, consume the oxygen in water in great quantities instead, emit carbon dioxide, at the same time large quantities of phytolankton dies, the body sinks the corruption after water system, create water quality extreme difference, unwell alloy fish lives. Accordingly, according to the experience that culturist accumulates for years, in the summer, applied adumbral method will control illumination. Adumbral method is very much, base area area differs and the condition of the farm differs, adopt different sunshade measure. For example, with sunshade of reed shade, bamboo shade, perhaps build network of lid sunshade canopy, sunshade. Adumbral time is decided according to the climate condition of various places, for example, in summer vacation, adopt the sun to come out with respect to sunshade, remove again when sunset. Want to notice when sunshade, cover shade and piscine pool should have certain space, want benefit at ventilated. The area of cover fish pool, but the fertilizer according to water quality is thin and calm, make an appointment with in the area of cover of clear water pool commonly1/3Can; The piscine pool of oily green water, cover area is made an appointment with1/2Advisable. If encounter thundershower day, want to reveal sunshade sign instantly.

Hole pond breeds goldfish, in the summer and cold winter, use commonly gradually to new water of the infuse in hole pond, with depth of waterLRice left and right sides is advisable, fall when circumstance of burning sun high above in the sky, goldfish can enter deep water area to be away for the summer holidays; When cold current is invaded, superstratum is frozen, underwater still has1The not frozen water system with deep rice, goldfish can be in this safety hibernate.

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