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Feed the principle that feed and note to goldfish

(one) the change that masters goldfish appetite discretion? The appetite of goldfish and water enrage the change that await to have very big concern blandly, because it is cold-blooded animal, temperature changes along with the change with warm water, the change with warm water affects piscine metabolism directly. In a year in, the season with best appetite is Chu Xia is mixed mid-autumn, water is warm in18~25Between ℃ , temperature is appropriate, goldfish metabolism is exuberant also, this period should cast bait more, nutrition should achieve a requirement, make its grow quickly; Enter deep after autumn, air temperature is reduced, goldfish appetite also drops, answer to cast bait less right now, in northward winter, the metabolism of goldfish is in lowermost level, not was necessary to cast bait right now; Below condition of high temperature climate, breathing number of the fish increases, appetite also drops, want to cast bait less right now, should clear in time pool bottom, avoid corrupt content to affect water quality. Live in the goldfish of flood face, vivid momentum is big, appetite is better, can cast bait more; Live in the goldfish in box of young aquatic animals, grow commonly not quite, the quantity that cast bait must little.

(2) makings of natural work bait wants to the course is disinfected and be cleaned? In avoiding to carry pathogen and parasite into piscine pool. The alexipharmic method with a lot of fish farm and at present commonly used aquaria is: Casting before feeding, immerse vivid bait in10 × 10-6(10ppm) in solution of pH indicator potassium permanganate, immerse5Minute, after developing medical fluid with clear water next, feed a fish again. But the work that somebody thinks long-term edible potassium permanganate crosses goldfish entices, adverse to the colour of goldfish. Another disinfection law is to use disinfection of brine of proper pH indicator, also can achieve the goal of the pathogen that kills certain amount.

(3) time cast hello? Cast helloWater fleaCast in the morning commonly, be in spring, it is better that the summer is fed with be being cast when sunrise, because this time water is warm more appropriate, oxygen of the dissolve inside the pool is being added gradually tall, goldfish appetite is so exuberant, after goldfish is fed, can have longer activity and digestive time. Bait time is cast to be able to be deferred backward in autumnL~2Hour. In winter best at noon is cast feed. When if feed artificial synthesis,feed reachs dry water flea, can adopt for many times cast feed, had better be in30The fish inside minute expects bait dispose of.

(4) of ill fish cast hello? To ill fish, it is commonly do not give or it is advisable that skimp is fed. After falling ill because of the fish, digestive function drops, appetite not beautiful, after the food heavy heart that it does not take, easy and corrupt, influence water quality, water quality is bad, more adverse to ill fish. If cast the bait that feed medicine to treat a disease, cast medical bait first, wait for after eating, cast again a fewWater flea.

(5) after piscine environment is changed cast hello? Immigrant the fish that new fish pool breeds, because still cannot get used to new environment, when move about still cannot freely, had better stop to feed first feed, when waiting for an activity to freely, just can feed feed. When be being fed first, the quantity wants little, increase an amount gradually later. The fish that if move from flood pool,breeds to urine pool, in the begining, the fish has anoxic expression, need watchs period of time, add oxygen appropriately, want gastric disorder right now, after the acclimatization that need a fish, add stage by stage again feed.

(6) observation fish eats feed a circumstance? Of the fish eat a circumstance how, can reflect the healthy condition that gives a fish. If do not grab the fish that eat, can think healthy circumstance not beautiful. Want a foundation additionally of the fish have appetite this, will be cast next time certainly how many what feed a volume, be helpful for managing bait expects and using bait to expect reasonably.

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