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Goldfish raises novice jewel (super- condense edition)

Goldfish is raised preliminary(1) :

Of aquarium put and norms
The principle is:

? ① accords with indoor landscape to decorate a requirement. Attention, once place hind very difficult move;

? ② is viewed and admire aptly and manage daily;

There is power source electrical outlet near ③ ;

④ had better not backlighting, falling without lamplight circumstance in that way view and admire the effect poorer. Had better be to be in have brighter scattering sun, and sunshine cannot point-blank the place that reach, otherwise Yi Zisheng alga;

⑤ compares safe, quiet place, be stumbled not easily;

If ⑥ is placed go up in furniture, furniture is due and enough bear ability, and do not be afraid of be wetted by water;

⑦ raises box of tropical fish aquatic animals to be able to consider to stand by radiator, add in order to reduce winter lukewarm with report, but cannot clingy its go up.

2, the size of box of program aquatic animals

It is bedroom condition, furniture furnish and decide. Broad hall hall, deserve to appear luxurious with box of large aquatic animals air. The one horn of study, bedroom, set case of the aquatic animals on one palm likelihood more appear exquisitely carved. However to most fish friend, more important likelihood is to should look raise what fish, raise how many fish. Case volume is larger, the capacity that contain water is more, department of water system zoology and water Wen Yue are stable, be close to environment more, accord with piscine need more. If raise the large fish such as Yin Long, bright and beautiful carp, be about to use length at least1The wide casing of rice. The fish with small type of build or figure, casing is somes small OKer, but for the effect that view and admire, amount often more, the bulk of aquatic animals box also shoulds not be too small. My experience, casing has been jumped over greatly more raise. Of course, casing is too big, the operation will be no-go, jiawenhui uses winter report is more. If indoor decorate allow, I recommend the measure of aquatic animals box: Length80-150cm, Width30-50cm, Height40-60cm. If you prepare plant water plants, so cylinder body width shoulds not be too small, decorate an administrative levels feeling hard otherwise; Height shoulds not be too big, can affect the intensity of illumination of lamplight otherwise.

Buy, order do orDIYIn the past, the most of aquatic animals box of people is to glass inn or aquatic animals inn are ordered do, start work capability is strong also can buy glue of glass, glass to wait for his to stick make. On expenditure, it is the cheapest that he is done, vitreous inn take second place, aquatic animals inn slightly expensive. Casing increases the support of the material such as aluminium alloy, won’t exceed commonly300Yuan. DIYLikelihood a few yuan can. But as consumption level raise the progress with the technology, a lot of people are willing to buy box of aquatic animals of high-grade finished product to aquatic animals inn or general merchandise bazaar now, although the price does not poor, but establishment is all ready, make fastidious, visual effect is good. How to acquire as to you aquatic animals box, can decide according to economic condition.

Acquire relevant things
If not be to buy finished product box, still should buy alone filter establishment, increase the necessary articles for use such as lukewarm establishment, thermometer, lamps and lanterns. If prepare kind of aquatic, still should buy a copy at the same time base manure of arenaceous, aquatic, aquatic. If be necessary, can buy carbon dioxide to supply at the same time system, heavy wood and a few adorn article. But should notice, not rapid move buys a fish!

Goldfish raises preliminary: The setting of aquatic crock
, the style type of box of affirmatory aquatic animals
The style type of aquatic animals box is varied. Some is like the prairie of length and breadth of land, some is like fluctuant chain of mountains, some is like thick woods, some is like mysterious gorgeThe aesthetic appeal of people also has different area bigger difference. Of the hobby according to the individual and room arrange a condition, can choose different style type. The first time the work that sets a crock to be able to draw lessons from others more.

Normally, the basiccest have the following kinds of kinds:

The fish is given priority to, rock is complementary: The rock of different figure, size is put in aquatic animals box, come from this end another end, arrange hill condition, be like board piece model, ridges and peaks, stone forest etc, and clough of cliff bluff, burrow, the colour and lustre in Shi Zaishui is like jade, more beautiful than onshore Shanshi, but it is the stone that does not have life after all, strange stone is bony, a desert. Become only a flock of group colourful fish swim, by hill peak cereal, play lightly, the secret of Cai Jutian the boundless universe is mysterious. Notice the decorations such as block to answer the surface is slick, quality of a material is solid, without solubility compound commentate piece.

The fish is given priority to, aquatic is complementary: Other scenery is not set inside aquatic animals box, grow some of low and small-scale water plants or put case of a few spiral shell, also can make in blueprint of medium shot of the agio outside box wall foil. Inside this vast water system, put in a suitable place to breed1-2Kind medium or small fish a few end, it is good that the choice likes group swimming breed, wait like fish of traffic light, zebra. Same the individual size of kind of fish is same, view and admire its orderly consistently the gallant occasion that collective fast swims. Also can raise a few remaining part only large fish, view and admire its roam elegant demeanour.

Aquatic is given priority to, the fish is complementary: Spread in aquatic animals one’s store of valuables arenaceous, grow full the aquatic of a variety of configuration, strewn at random have send the ground to decorate, beautiful and considerable. Aquatic falls in smooth illuminate, fresh and green be about to drip, exuberant, see leisurely of a few small fish comes however occasionally, the instant concealed does not have Yumilin in, still be like the elfland with a quiet quiet and beautiful. Notice aquatic is phyletic cannot too much, short straw is advanced, gao Cao is in hind, otherwise easy desultorily.

Piscine scene is united in wedlock: Put in a suitable place to breed inside aquatic animals box a variety of configuration and colorific fish, one’s store of valuables plants water and grass, set the scenery such as rockery, booth, tower. Make water bunch case presents flourishing picture, beautiful. Fish and aquatic hold concurrently.

Establish form of characters or letters: Aquatic animals box does not rely on a wall indoors not keep to the side, around controls glazed source, the light is penetrable aquatic animals box, around can be viewed and admire. This kind establishs landscape of form of characters or letters, want to have ample interior space, be like restaurant, villatic hall. Base of aquatic animals box, build with cement, marble or terrazzo build by laying bricks or stones, use with the ground makings is consistent, base is taller. Inside of mouth of aquatic animals box, stick have wider vitreous side, can discharge water of the socket, pump that add oxygen, filter implement etc. The setting inside box can be stereo type, around two sides can view and admire different scenery. The fish that chooses style quality not to suffer backlighting to affect colour and brightness is raised.
Before installing a crock, can draw a piece of sketch first, Affirmatory good rock is put, cultivate root, aquatic and other decorations put grow position. Notice, setting a jar is an artistic creation actually, raise with goldfish be absent a category.

2, aquarium

If ① uses tap water to want quiet in n container place1-2Day, the fish that if prepare,raises and aquatic are slashing to water quality requirement, still answer to had been adjusted by the requirement. The copy that will buy is arenaceous relapse pan is clean. The potassium permanganate that puts aquatic, rock and other decorations medium red immerses in solution5Minute, reoccupy clear water is abluent, be defeated the deadwood of aquatic foliaceous purify, become proper crop according to need. The appliance that puts cylinder body and other preparation into water is abluent.

② finds a place for cylinder body in book the position. If you chose bottom to add lukewarm or filter system, had installed its first.

③ takes a heart arenaceous2/3Mix with aquatic base fertilizer in big basin even, put crock bottom to level. Reassume the others1/3Put into the crock to roll out. Arenaceous total ply can master in by3-6cm, forehead slightly thin, hind slightly thick, among slightly thin, two end slightly thick. Put the decorations with the larger volume such as good rock, heavy wood. If you do not think kind of gramineous criterion bottom is arenaceous in can not add fertilizer.

④ makes the same score a dish put at the bottom arenaceous on, good air water slowly go up in dish to all around spread, prevent will arenaceous rush. Infuse comes of cylinder body1/3When, The aquatic that will buy is embedded. Next, add water full. Take out tray, do aquatic arrange appropriately, had placed lesser decorations, floater of fish out surface.

⑤ installation is very lukewarm accuse, filter, illume, gas is added wait for a system. What use lamps and lanterns generally now is fluorescent lamp. Should avoid a variety of color to mix surely when using these tube use, General aether positive light or white lamp warm tonal fluorescent lamp will match two kinds. The length of tube and power volume are concerned. Below the circumstance that aquatic animals box can unlock, answer to use longer tube as far as possible. According to the width of aquatic animals box, place2-5Tube. Outfit of appropriate of lamps and lanterns is in aquatic animals box upper part or the position before leaning slightly. To improve efficiency, interior of lamps and lanterns should contain baffle-board.

⑥ will be lukewarm accuse a system to move proper numerical value, open air feed, filter system, but do not open the lamp.

⑦ because the bottom is arenaceous in base manure dissolves easily Yu Shuizhong, before two days change water everyday1/2. Begin to raise water patiently next.

Goldfish is raised preliminary(3) :

Goldfish is raised raise water first
Goldfish is raised raise water firstThis is the one and only way of result of goldfish raise nurturance. The first time the difficulty that sets a jar also depends on this. What isRaise water? is water to jump over Qing Dynasty to had been jumped over? The ancients says: One should not demand absolute purity, this word is the summary of wise man experience really, and accord with scientific reason. So what water goldfish is raised best?
Listen to piscine friend first people the classification that says water. Water has 4 kinds:

It is new water, namely just the tap water with good air or the well water that hit newly. Although this kind of water is very clean, but the environment that lives with the fish in nature however differs very big. Because there is nitrify bacterium community in water, Fish fecal, scattering food is decomposed after residual putrefaction for ammonia, fish extremely easy toxic.

2 it is Laoshui, show reseda or be Dan Hupo color, contain a lot ofhumus and beneficial microbial reach alga, built good zoology circulatory system, through nitrogen cycle, decompose it is salt of pair of piscine hurtless nitric acid. This kind of water is very advantageous to piscine growth.

3 it is green water, the organic qualitative content in water is overmuch, then La Zao, green alga and brown alga breed in great quantities, the content with microbial bacterium is cruel add, of water show thick green, can give out a stink sometimes, the fish that creates whole crock extremely easily is gone.

4 it is a clear water, make bite clear water again, it is the alga in green water and microbial content too much, consume the oxygen in aquatic animals box almost to use up, cause the death of alga and bacterium of sex of oxygen of be addicted to, make water becomes clear and clinking, without oxygen and have sex of many oxygen of be disgusted with of harmful bacteria lentic.

Above in 4 kinds of water, only Laoshui just is our pursuit target.
Indeed, what at present we add in aquatic animals box is new water, how to turn it into Laoshui? To increase the humus in water, the deadwood that can let a few aquatic conciously defeats foliaceous decay to be in water, be in even the bottom is arenaceous in embedded counts a dead clam meat. However more feasible method may use a fish namelyEnter a crock: Namely a few already the fish that petty gain raises lustily, easily again puts in a suitable place to breed in the aquatic animals case that setting newly (this is not beneficent perhaps, die extremely easily because of the fish) , certain ammonia arose in the water after raise feeds a few days, can add at this moment a few commodity tastes nitrify bacterium, feed a few days in raise next, add again a few nitrify bacterium. Relapse a few times so, the time of a month can build nitrify bacterium group. Nitrify bacterium is good oxygen bacterium, accordingly, oxygen pump, filter is added to had better leave all the time in the process that raise water. As a result of at the beginning the ammonia content in water is few, even if adds more nitrify bacterium, because lack food,also be met and die, because this nitration bacterium should be added stage by stage. If can from old fish all alone gets a few bases that using over there friend cotton of arenaceous, filter in putting crock of medium, filter, have profit greatly to accelerating the ageing of water undoubtedly. If do not take above step, also can build digestive bacterium of course group, just time should grow more, get a few months!
In the process that raises water, notice lamplight should be opened stage by stage, step up everyday irradiation time, and do not add aquatic fluid fertilizer. Because firm cultivated aquatic metabolism is fainter, cannot absorb the nutrient in water in time, if illumination is stronger, fertilizer is more, alga can multiply in great quantities, contend for the nutrient of aquatic further, create vicious circle. At the beginning a few days, can not open the lamp first. Open a lamp next, leave everyday2Hour. After in a few more days, leave everyday3HourAfter a month, can achieve normal time opening the lamp basically, everyday8-12Hour, the accretion of fluid fertilizer criterion more should later.

Goldfish is raised preliminary(4) :

Choose goldfish to raise plant and buy a fish

1, affirmatory fingerling
Acquiring commonly before aquatic animals box, not little Yu Youke can have decided to raise what fish, some is to raise the aquatic animals chest that some kind of fish just acquires even. If still do not have a decision, breed what fingerling with respect to this consideration now. Is goldfish, bright and beautiful carp still tropical fish? This basically sees your be fond of. I had raised these fish, raise the following proposal to you only:

? ① if you very care about charge of electricity, do not raise tropical fish, to the room temperature of average household, box of winter aquatic animals is added lukewarm it is necessary;

② if you like to breed aquatic very much, had better breed the small-sized tropical fish that won’t browse, otherwise the breed of aquatic breed aquatics can get bigger limitation. Large tropical fish has goldfish, bright and beautiful carp and share herbivorous characteristics, large fish often can have aquatic mix;

The appetite of carp of ③ bright and beautiful, goldfish is global relatively tropical fish is big, oxygen demand is much, and mucus of piscine substance appearance is more, need to change Shui Gengqin some;

If ④ is to use the goldfish such as basin of water jar, contented, cistern to raise, that had better raise goldfish or bright and beautiful carp, because these two kinds of fish are more comfortable at be being viewed and admire from upside;

⑤ goldfish, bright and beautiful carp and tropical fish raise difference of characteristics of condition, life bigger, unfavorable mix raise;

⑥ to aquatic crock, want to breed a few to be the fish that eat with alga, wait like elf, Hei Moli, lichenous rat;

⑦ to the novice, should first the piscine proceed with that easy easy breed aquatics. The simplest decision criteria is the price: Cheaply often breed easily.

2, mix raise a principle

① fish wants a difference to the requirement of water quality not quite, the temperature that includes water, acid-base value, new old, soft hard, salinity;

Size of ② bodily form is unfavorable the difference is too big, the attention chooses to mix goldfish easily to raise kind, mutual between cannot constitute menace;

Fish of sex of a little large carnivorous is like ③ best sheet raises maneating Chang, or if the map is mixed,raise with the fish of size characteristics close;

Some rarer, recreant fish are like ④ best sheet of 7 colour immortal is raised;

⑤ mixes the tie-in harmony that style quality, bodily form should notice in raising;

The mobile space of ⑥ different fish is different, notice the collocation of each fingerling;

⑦ mixes raised fingerling to should not be overmuch, otherwise aquatic animals box can appear desultorily, had better give priority to body with a kind of fish, adorn the other fish of a few unapt a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role again.

3, put in a suitable place to breed density

Have kind of view: 1The fish of centimeter should deserve to use1The water of liter. This is only probably view. However the demand that piscine breed, size differs to be measured to containing oxygen is diverse also. Because this puts in a suitable place to breed density is very difficult treat as the same, if aquatic luxuriant, water quality is clear, the establishment that add oxygen can put in a suitable place to breed density is bigger, answer to be put less conversely. Total principle is appropriate little should not be much, appropriate essence is unfavorable excessive. It is easy that this say, it is quite difficult to be done. A lot of fish friend saw liked variety is gone to time buy, do fish of aquatic animals box is completely to suffer from, although breed is various, but the disorder can’ts bear, and water quality is cloudy, the fish is only anoxic, be being returned to the fish no matter is to viewing and admire person uncomfortable. Restraining the desire that buys a fish is piscine friend must drill basic skill! So how to measure thickness appropriate? My opinion is: Leaving add oxygen, filter below the circumstance of establishment, the fish can live normally only not float head! It is such ability when report is being held out outside assuring to care about will notFrowsty crock, 2 be there just is natural interest on impressions so. Of course density is smaller, piscine surroundings is better, raise difficulty smaller also.

4, fish of choose and buy

The characteristics of the fish that place must be familiar with to want to buy before ① is bought and raise a method, did not see beautiful fish is bought;

② must the fish of health of choose and buy. Differentiating a method is: Watch a fish above all whether skin hyperaemia, take off scale, have white spot Bai Mao, have cut, or piscine fim has damaged, occasionally need looks from upside, what if have light,look possibly is clearer; See piscine move about rise to be balanced whether easily again, whether does piscine fim extend nature; Whether do in seeing same crock, 3 have dead fish, ill fish; The 4 water that see aquarium are lubricious normal. If water is lubricious unusual, may be the boss is treating a disease to the fish; Still have the method with a commonly used people, applicable to the fish of certain breed: Come round the palm to return rock in aquarium, healthy fish often appetite is exuberant, meeting angle palm;

③ does not buy the fish that has physiology drawback, unless you think this is planted,you breed blemish conduce new breed;

④ does not want too covet is cheap, often be cheap money buys lame ass. As view and admire article, imperfect be very those who make a person afflictive;

⑤ as far as possible the choose and buy is minor fish, it is be economical, 2 it is easy acclimatization. If buy, is old fish, poorer to the adaptability of new environment, cannot raise how long besides die, what meaning is there? ! Also cannot buy too small fish of course, it is a constitution frail, too difficult raise is fed, 2 it is some features return expression not to come out, very after it’s hard to say whether blossom the fish that accords with a requirement;

⑥ had better be in batch chooses in bigger fish, it is to choose leeway big, 2 it is low-cost, 3 it is to buy incomplete fish not easily, wash out a fish;

⑦ had better not buy the fish of firm this locality, the reason is not to know it to whether get used to this locality water quality, do not know it sick, make it raises on one week to be bought again in aquatic animals inn better.

5, carry a fish
Now of the fish carry use polybag commonly. Should notice polybag cannot slack, cannot too small. Cannot contain water full, stay have1/3-1/2The space is replete air. Can fill up inside line-haul polybag oxygen, or place the pill that add oxygen, in assuring road not anoxic. Summertime high temperature, salt, antibiotic can be added appropriately in water. Winter chill, can wait for heat preservation with expanded plastics. To tall oxygen fish, high-grade fish should reduce the density in bag appropriately.

Goldfish is raised preliminary(5) :

New fish enters a crock
, Condole fishOrPour waterThe water in the polybag that carries the Cheng Yu that come from outside is gentle water quality with oneself in the crock differ somewhat, if put the fish into the crock directly, water lukewarm, water quality is choppy, can give this exhausted already fish one disaster after another, cause piscine death very easily. Settlement way isCondole fishOrPour water. Condole fishCan solve the problem of water lukewarm difference only, comfortable at strong to water quality adaptability general fish: Carry a fish polybag is put into the crock, let its float in surface nature10Minute (winter time but proper lengthen) , after waiting for both temperature to agree, in enter the fish or scooping up a crock. I am preferredScoop up, because I am right,the water outside is not at ease. Of courseFallAlso have its profit: Do not touch piscine body, fish be harmed not easily. Pour waterThe likelihood is some tenderer,

Ask to water quality tall fish suggests to use this method: polybag medium water and fish enter one n container gently, the water in taking a crock slowly in joining container, add to take raw water amount about1/5Shi Jing buy5Minute, again teem of the water in container1/5, the water in reassume crock is joined1/4, again quiet placeEnter the water quantity with teem to be able to increase appropriately every time. Relapse so7-8Second hind, both water quality is basic already and same, put recipient into the crock again, let him fish have a container, such success! If the attention is in winter, best container also lets it float in the crock in quiet place process, in order to make sure temperature is close to stage by stage, because be like room temperature inferior, 5Minute enough Shui Liang cool.

2, segregation is raised
The fish that just bought had better not be put into raising a crock directly, and Ying Xianfang raises period of time first into keeping apart container, once take,enter piscine disease otherwise, may cause be completely annihilated, to in those days the evening of regret!
Keep apart container with aquarium had better, facilitating observation, bulk can is less than slightly raise a crock, cannot spread arenaceous, kind careless. Gentamicin injection is put after putting a fish. Can weigh the water in the crock2Times as weight, the dosage that computation gives human body one day is dosage, in throwing a crock. Segregation raises time cannot little at1Week. Meantime notices observation, discover the illness is handled in time. Ensure after doing not have disease again immigrant raise a crock normally

Goldfish is raised preliminary(6) :

Feed a fish
The fish is put only after breeding container, everyday the mainest job is to feed feed. If cast,feed overmuch, remnant bait is ceaseless, piscine dung much, water quality is easy and muddy. Cast had fed little, a nature of the fish be on short commons. Of the number that joins feed everyday and every time throw an amount, want to want to master according to particular case.

Phase of phyletic, size, growth, water is warm different, the fish is different also to the need quantity of feed. For example, in the most comfortable grow inside temperature, piscine activity amount is large, metabolism is exuberant, need food is much; If temperature already was close to a fish but susceptive floor level, the fish is very few activity, should decrease cast feed a volume; Carp of bright and beautiful carp needs food relative to general tropical fish more; Juvenile photograph is cast to often should increasing at adult fish feed a frequency to wait. General, day is cast feed a frequency to should master in1-3Second. How much should the measure that sends feed every time count according to piscine body volume, fish and day is cast feed frequency control.

If be cast everyday,feed1Second, should cast sufficient hello full, the quantity that cast bait should take superabundant land, do not eat at that time, but eat quite in the internal energy that day can. If day is fed23Second, hello most probably full go, about10Minute in eat, do not leave incomplete to entice can. Right same kind of fish, if feed the finely bait makings such as water flea, eat feed time to be able to grow appropriately some, if feed the older bait stuff such as small fish, eat eat time but proper some shorter; Right same kind of bait, small-sized fish eats eat time but proper some shorter, large eat at the fish feed time to be able to grow appropriately some. Cast when feeding, had better not send bait material sufficient, can divide2-3Second cast bait, wait for one share is sent again after what casting bait makings to eat basically last time. Such both neither allow easy excessive, return the appetite that can stimulate a fish, the circumstance whereabouts that does not send many bait makings to have not enough time to eat in the fish at the same time enters a ground arenaceous in. How to just know whether the fish is satiate? The observation after certain bait expects can be thrown to photograph in every feed a circumstance, at the beginning, piscine reaction is very sharp, equestrian upper reaches will devour, receive a ground to eat very quickly readily; Slow later, so not excited also; Again later, niminy-piminy to bait makings, or hesitate in speech, make clear already full. Those who write down this is total cast feed a volume, be opposite after a few days of the fishAppetiteKnow exactly about sth.
Cast everyday no matter feed a few times, if the person’s eat wants time ration.

If day is cast,feed1Second, time is optional in the morning8-9When; Day is cast hello2Second, time is optional in the morning7-8When, afternoon3-4When; If day is cast,feed3Second, optional in the morning7-8When, midday, afternoon5-6When. Of course, these time offer reference only, people job is nervous now, before going to work commonly or after coming off work, cast hello but. Want to notice to have the law only, do not cast at will hello go. Also can sleep only because of the fish after blacking out, the attention had better not be cast in the evening hello, cause indigestion easily otherwise. If forgot to feed a fish on business, cast normally suddenly below hello can. Popularly, on piscine hunger a few days also won’t appear big question.

Goldfish is raised preliminary(7) :

Blowdown changes water
Generally speaking, the shop in the crock is arenaceous kind of grass, leave filter, time adding beneficial bacterium is to have very big effect to purifying water quality. Nevertheless, although our aquatic animals box can build better modes of life and relation to their environment,filter system, but this zoology environment is too small after all still, the density compared with fish of natural water area too big, accordingly, Ecological balanceDestroy more easily.

Environment of water quality, water happens change, because Erbium of piscine dung, incomplete is deposit,basically be, water quality is muddy, oxygen of organic matter bad news, generation vulcanization hydrogen is harmful gas; Or alga is exuberant, the photosynthesis of aquatic suffers an effect; The manage of water is changed property evaporates because of moisture or organic matter grow in quantity and produce change to wait a moment. If aquatic animals case is bigger and raised fish is very few, this kind changes a likelihood slower. If aquatic animals box is lesser, and raised fish is more, plus cast feed the food such as water flea, artificial hamburger, change a likelihood to undertake more quickly. Filter favorable movement of the system is necessary, but changing water still is basic settlement method. To naked crock, best union changes water to use siphon everyday crock ground contamination epispastic, add right amount new water. To aquatic crock but1The week changes water1-2Second, use special suction hose also but epispastic part is arenaceous in contamination, the quantity of every weeks that change water masters in total water to measure1/3Or so. To different water quality situation, different fish, change the water frequency, quantity that change water to also should be distinguished somewhat. The density that be like a fish big, cubage small, water quality is easy muddy naked crock, the likelihood needs day and night to filter, change more water every day. Measure like the activity that fight a fish again small, like Laoshui, should decrease the frequency that change water and the quantity that change water. When changing water, the difference in temperature that notes water should be controlled in4℃ less than. To the fish that Shui Wenmin feels, should control difference in temperature to be in less scope.

Goldfish is raised preliminary(8) :

Illume, Aerate, Heat heat preservation
If be naked crock goldfish,raise, general to illume requirement inferior, although illumination is a few righter,style quality of the fish, constitution has certain effect, but often give priority to with natural lighting, or compensatory a few lamplight illume. Can say even, what install lamplight on naked crock for the most part is to view and admire the effect only good, and the need that did not consider a fish to grow only. But to aquatic crock, unless indoor have stronger scattering light, opening the lamp on time is aquatic photosynthesis place is indispensible. General, should open the lamp everyday8-12Hour, time opening the lamp also wants to secure. Time is too short, aquatic illumination is insufficient, time is too long, cause alga easily. Different aquatic also has a difference to the requirement of illumination. Of illumination like food to aquatic to the fish, must not optional.
In water anoxic when, the surface on piscine float does not answer underwater, common saysFloat head.

Surface water and air are contacted, can enter a few oxygen from the dissolve in air, so, the dissolve oxygen of surface measures water of over lower level. When producing this kind of situation, should instantly actuate adds oxygen implement, also can add oxygen with the way that changes new water. If adopt measure not in time to increase the oxygen in water, hold the post of piscine float head, won’t how long, the fish chokes death, common saysFrowsty crock.
But I prefer to use bigger aquatic animals case to raise not quite much fish, it is normal to make its OK below the case that need not fill oxygen grow. Reduced cost already so, simplified to manage, still more added natural beauty. When the one nautilus that sees when me aquatic animals inn is full is on his last legs below the action in the pump that add oxygen, never feel that is a kind of beautiful enjoyment.
The photosynthesis of aquatic is eduction oxygen, but lack need inspiratory carbon dioxide. If lack carbon dioxide, although aquatic won’tFloat head, but also cannot grow normally. Accordingly, if the crock is medium aquatic is more, cultivated especially a few fast unripe model or high-grade aquatic, so adding carbon dioxide also is necessary.
Heat heat preservation
In winter, aquarium heats suitably with respect to need the system will carry water lukewarm, goldfish, bright and beautiful carp had better maintain in centigrade5Spend above, tropical fish should inspect breed to maintain in centigrade24~26Spend or taller.

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