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The sparge insecticide influence to goldfish

Enrage mist insecticide bases commonly

Amine chrysanthemum ester, average percent content is 0.25%. Poisonous to the fish, carpTLm(48HourHourForO.18Milligram/Kilogram.

Chloric chrysanthemum ester, average percent content is 0.06~0.10%. Tall to fish poison, bee tall poison, right avian low poison.

Ester of chloric cyanogen chrysanthemum, average percent content is0.02%. Hydrolysis half-life is1Day, difficult dissolve at water, in mellow, chloric acting hydrocarbon kind, ketone, annulus dissolves in personal alkyl, benzene, xylene> 450g/L.

Ester of bromic cyanogen chrysanthemum, average percent content is0.05%. RenownEnemy kill, stronger to wing insect poisons a gender, scarcely dissolve at water, but dissolve at organic dissolvent, big to noxiousness of fish, shrimp, bee, silkworm, with this medicine Shi Yingyuan raises a place from its.

Ester of alkyne Mi chrysanthemum, average percent content is0.03%. New-style kill toxic, ropy liquid, have to fish spend harm action gently.

Introduce through above function, we can reach probably make conclusions:

   1, almost not dissolve at water or small dissolve at water, in organic matter but dissolve.

   2, not small to fish noxiousness, prawn kind harm sex is stronger, because shrimp is opposite at fish it is crustacean, with most insect it is a kind of animal, and fish belongs to vertebrate.

Pisciculture lover is using the note when sparge insecticide

  1, if be naked crock, suggest to build, have a lid must build upper cover to be in gush medicine, avoid needless harm.

   2, newspaper is built on aquarium. Temporary isolation mirage falls to surface.

   3, stop to aerate temporarily, prevent to enter water system from the system that take energy of life.

Medical experience is used in aquiculture domain

Chrysanthemum ester kind often also use in aquiculture, can use the branch part in killing water kind, flinch sufficient kind with etc crustacean aquatic biology, those who need an attention is to should be in the place that these biology focus time time quite to use, cannot total pool is used, and control good chroma. Shrimp crab breeds a pool to ban with.

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