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See a fish know piscine feeling

The fish can let us know the fish took what, digestive case how, body state how, cast hello reasonable, return the stand or fall that can judge feed.

See a fish basically see these a few sides, want union to rise in light of.
It is to watch a fish about
2 it is to watch a fish color
3 it is to watch a fish how many
4 it is to look when defecate
If miss more meticulous point, still can watch a fish composition and the time that disclose in water.

Different food can have different fish
Below normal circumstance, what did the fish eat, can see from what pull.

? 1.Live feedIn, had the fish of water earthworm and red bug, pull outside the skin that biscuit is wrapping red of a brown, of water earthworm want a few thicker, of red bug want a few thinner. If this is planted fish diffuse, so we can see a fish the leather that inside is water earthworm or red bug, it is transparent. This explainsThe fish cannot digest these leather, so by direct eduction body outside. Eat red bug and water earthworm to be able to let a fish pull sometimes very long very long.
The fish of draft flea eduction sends grey black, and shorter;
The fish of eduction having shrimp is white;
The fish of the egg eduction that has him fish is Dan Hupo color and transparent.

For instance green liver mosses. The fish had plant sex drink, the fish shows blackish green scene more, and not long. But sometimes defecate quantity is not little. Also can present reseda sometimes, because eat those who enter the mouth,be more besidesCarelessOutside, still mixed other thing.
Those who need a specification is: Goldfish cannot be absorbed very well to plant sex feed, outside wanting eduction system for the most part. EatCarelessMore or less be helpless lift.
In growing the crock that has green liver mosses so, if discover viridescent fish, and have certain amount, that specification casts fed feed to have some of inadequacy, the fish gnaws liver mosses. But this is not the thing with alarming what, the partial vitamin that plant sex feed can furnish and compensatory fish place needs, these vitamins are being done not have in animal sex feed. So some feeder do not give sufficient animal sex feed or artificial feed conciously, let a fish gnaw liver mosses to eat alga. To certain breed, still have the effect of model form.
Say more from this, feed the purpose that feed to the fish, not be to feed the fish full, let it maintain measurable hungry sense however. This is reasonable cast fed essence.

Artificial feed
Basically, fed artificial feed is what color, those who pull is what color.
But we are OK from cast the fish after feeding some kind of feed configuration will judge the actor that gives this kind of feed bad and appropriate. The standard of judgement is a fish how many.
Said in front, the stuff that the fish cannot digest, meet outside eduction body, the case with feed a volume normal is sent in feed, if goldfish can be absorbed well, so the fish of eduction is measured not quite; Conversely, if be fed,pulled one pile later, explain this feed did not get very good absorption.
Why can you have bad to absorb artificial feed? This is about to seek an account from the material of feed, craft and formally, some artificial feed, add into many ostracean carapace pink or conch pink, calcium is to fill, but have more than is needed is so much, those who remain be about complete eduction comes, because the fish is cannot digestive. (mix into the feed of these conch pink is to use those who feed shrimp, crab more) .
Say from craft, ripe better than what be born absorb.
We often see the grain size of some feed is different, and be indicated to be used at feeding how long how long fish, actually besides dainty sex, the grain of feed is less, be absorbed more easily by the fishOf course, this is to point to good feed.
I ever had contrasted the grain feed with the differ size of 100 million colour, be to cast fed premise normally together, my feeling is, with4804(imperceptible bead) cast after feeding, fish very few, those who want bigger grain feed is little, what this explains it is absorbed is very good. So I also feed adult fish with this kind of feed now.

Abnormal fish

Fine white
Fine white only kind comes out to say, regarding this kind of fish as because of a lot of people is not quite normal, perhaps consider as enteritis by accident. Not be completely actually.
Below the case that does not have casting feeding to the fish, is the fish not to have a thing?
Either, it still is eating, prey a few what we cannot see is microbial in order to make allay one’s hunger, and piscine metabolism still is undertaking. Those who pull often is fine white, it is a layer only actually skin. New excellent fish sees this kind of case more.
Those who want distinction is, this kind of fine white line is not transparent, and of enteritis although also be fine white line, but it is fine white linear mucus, those who have appreciably is transparent, and fine white line wants some thicker.

Yellow pus
This is all fish at one’s convenience, bring us most the signal of in a extremely dangerous state.
This kind is mixed normal fish euqally thick, but it is yellow is transparent, it is normal to can be mixed sometimes successional or mix together, can pull the back in the fish sometimes. At one’s convenience was full of much purulent juice, appear this kind, yesContagious blood forming organ is necrotic illtypical feature.
This kind thick eat egg back row with the fish it seems that about the same, but if plant this,scoop up hear, can smell the stink of raw meat or fish with one special placeThe sort of flavour that lets a person feel very disgusting.
If watch piscine system at this moment, the anus that can discover a fish is red, again some fiercer, it is a fish occurrence ascites symptom, hyperaemia, scale stands case.
This kind of disease very intense, bad also to treat, precautionary key maintains good water quality namely.

In occurrence bleb of piscine at one’s convenience, the result does not sink, hang on surface completely.
Plant via often seeing this, a kind of explanation says is the fish eats when feeding, also swallowed air. Perhaps be such, because of important matter of common that’s all right.
Still one is plant likelihood, it is the gas that food produces between digestive process of the fish, stay in piscine at one’s convenience, spoken parts in an opera isFart.

? ? Train in excess specified length
When having, fish train in excess specified length of train in excess specified length, weiwei is grand. Some friends worry to have a problem. Actually also not likely is to have a problem, feeds sufficiently small fish this kind of circumstance is very common, hanging at the back of the buttock every day. Long the reason is a large number of raise inside short time are fed, if feed much food less, and the intermediate interval that has period of time, this kind of case appears not easily.

Eject is mixed procrastinate hang
These two kinds also can see now and then, the intestines and stomach that is a fish more gave an issue. Eject follows change rare same, gush will come out, won’t do form; Procrastinate hanging is a fish although be, but diffuse and messy, and the for a long time on the anus that is hanged in the fish is ceaseless. To this two kinds should notice. Tackle the problem of piscine enteron, terramycin mixes feeding is to had compared swifter also method, dipping also has certain effect.

Not defecate
The commonnest abnormal fish is not defecate, do not discharge have a lot of kinds of reasons, particular case is particular analysis, here did not say more. For instance the fish of enteritis also is met not defecate.

The time of defecate
Generally speaking, the digestive time of adult fish is in1012Hour left and right sides. Because small fish is metabolic fast, so defecate also wants some faster. Here says adult fish only, the measurement that also lets a fish because of the defecate time of small fish is different and discrepant.
Normally the circumstance falls, fish sperm day takes feed, nightly defecate, you see them bend over in the evening in the crock or float was not moved on surface, be defecate, there is from the back.
Had better not disturb right now, yes, disturb excrete who to put aside who is grouchy.

Cast in interval hello (it is commonly34Hour) below the circumstance, defecate time of the fish and cast the next time hello relativeAte this, on one meet outside body of very fast eduction.
Feed much food less, the advantage of intermediate removed period of time is here namely, can let food get sufficient digestive chance, alimentation has been gotten, such fish grows quickly, grow well, little go to the bad.

The biggest question that gens going to work feeds a fish is to give evening early to return, rely on chart in the morning, feed little, be afraid of a fish people take hungry move not quite, hello much be afraid of again maintain bad, want or feel to feed less good. Can reach the home in the evening, always feel to be owed unbearably in the heart, fish of for fear that eats not to love less to grow, add night snack again then.
Night snack is not not OK add, if small fish adds night snack to grow quickly, because their metabolism is fast also, ate to be digested very quickly excrete. Big fish wants some slower, after adding night snack so, must open the lamp two hours above, let a fish hold active position, will digest food with assuring to have enough time. If be fed with respect to light-off, that is fed makings will surely accumulate in intestines and stomach, the time became long digestive function is unbalanced, not be a good thing.

? ? So we say, feed a law correctly to eat much food less namely, when be being lain between among, let a fish maintain measurable hungry sense everyday.

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