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Black head treats Lan Shou illy

It is Lan Shouhui not only actually black head is ill, almost all caruncle goldfish if the metropolis such as head of cap, large meatball, tiger, longlived person gets this disease.

The specific symptom of black head disease: The head tumour that is Lan Shou has a place to begin nigrescent, with a rice about the same big, occasionally the head tumour of whole Lan Shou has or such 3 two shading, shading is from the beginning the interior of tumour, send in the flesh namely, the surface of tumour of head of and rather than is nigrescent. Got the Lan Shou of black head disease, begin to have macula besides head tumour beyond, other symptom is not apparent, but if hold the post of its,progress continues, shading area can expand, accompany hair sodden flesh, appear likely still on the body shading, at the same time style quality of Lan Shou also can become poor, cause other disease possibly.

The hair cause of disease of black head disease because: Specific reason is unspecified. Estimation and difference of water qualitative change and illumination inadequacy are concerned, also do not remove tumor of Lan Shou head by helminth or criterion the reason such as bacterial infection.

The cure of black head disease: Best remedial method, the head tumor that will have shading namely uses scissors purify, next reoccupy yellow pink or cut of daub of tincture of iodine, prevent to affect. The water that will raise additionally is warm rise to26 Spend, join3% salt disinfection. Treat black head disease with the operation most effective, discovery is so earlier, remedial effect is better, because discover earlier shading area is small, operation cut is small also, orchid birthday restores to also be jumped over fast. Although the operation treats black head disease, can injure head tumour of Lan Shou, need not worry nevertheless, want to pass the elaborate take good care of sb of period of time only, the caruncle that is cut off can grow again.

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