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Those who endanger goldfish juvenile is invisible killer

Symptom: Piscine body is dull, style quality is nigrescent, piscine body is angular, in aquatic animals box all around swim alone, gather in water meter, the meeting after a few days dies in great quantities.

Diagnose: Pass lens check, but diagnose is disease of branchial concealed whipworm. Harm: A large number of parasitism are in branchial concealed whipworm those who view and admire a fish is branchial go up with the skin, what it can destroy piscine system not only is epithelial, at the same time branchial concealed whipworm still can secrete a kind of thrombin, make the blood-vessel with branchial, hypodermic fish jams, blood stream break down, grow in quantity of mucus of fall victim place, affect the normal breath of piscine body and metabolization.

Disease of branchial concealed whipworm is the common disease that views and admire a fish and frequently-occurring disease. Main popularity is in 6 ~ 8Month. This ill main harm views and admire fry to plant. Sicken mortality is taller.

Remedial method:

Bluestone dipping law: Every kilogram pisciculture uses Shui Rong to enter 8Milligram bluestone drug, execute dip to wash dipping to ill fish. Dip washs time to be 20 ~ 30Minute. Tertian 1Second, successive 3Second. To ill fish segregation, only Chi Jing is raised.

Entire case uses medical method: Every kilogram pisciculture uses Shui Zhongrong to enter 0. 7Milligram bluestone and bluestone mixture (5: 2), box of complete aquatic animals uses drug, effect of whipworm of branchial to precaution and cure concealed is apparent.

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