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Attract a fish only inclined tube bug of nutrition

Harm: Of n of body of bug of inclined tube bug mid, have the buccal canal of form of a horn, this is inclined tube bug uses the position that sucks piscine body nutrition.

Symptom: Piscine body nutrition by a large number of suck, bug body secretion stimulates a fish branchial, skin, appear a large number of mucus, bring about ill fish to breathe difficulty, anorexia, angular, system is black, bleach swim face, till die.

Diagnose: Lens check.

Disease of inclined tube bug treats a method:

  1. Bluestone dipping law: Every kilogram pisciculture uses Shui Rong to enter 8Milligram bluestone drug, execute dip to wash dipping to ill fish. Dip washs time to be 20 ~ 30Minute. Tertian 1Second, successive 3Second. To ill fish segregation, only Chi Jing is raised.

Entire case uses medical method: Every kilogram pisciculture uses Shui Zhongrong to enter 0. 7Milligram bluestone and bluestone mixture (5: 2), box of complete aquatic animals uses drug, effect of whipworm of branchial to precaution and cure concealed is apparent.

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