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What is the point that goldfish fish disease treats law of medium to be taken orally, bath to wash law, douse law?

(1)The bait of person of medicaments help by the arm that law of to be taken orally is a disease of fish of prevention and cure is cast in makings hello view and admire a fish, achieve the goal of disease of fish of prevention and cure thereby. But, use this kind of method to have a premise, view and admire a fish to must have appetite namely. Once ill fish loses appetite, this law did not act well. Those who point out wanting to emphasize here is, the medicaments in joining bait to expect should do not have noxiousness. For example, amine of Xi Lin of element of furazolidone, garlic, furan, Terramycin, sulphur, vitamin. The size that views and admire a fish, illness, weather, water should be inspected when feeding the circumstance such as the appetite of gentle fish masters neatly.

But, the poisonous medicaments of general external use, resemble nitric acid inferior mercuric, potassium permanganate, bluestone, dipterex, avoid by all means uses method of to be taken orally, lest cause a loss.

Bath washs a law this is one of treating piscine disease common and special name.

It is will sick view and admire a fish to be put in specific bath of the dip in the medical fluid that make up, will obtain a kind of means that treats an end with this. It applies to individual fish or the fish of small lot sicken is used. Basically be to exterminate body to express the exterior disease of sex of bacterium of helminth and cure, also can pass branchial or the absorption that the skin organizes is used at treating disease of bacterial sex interior. Specific usage is: ① decides use container measurement according to ill fish amount. Can use face basin or small jar commonly, put23water, require medicaments concentration by dosage of medicines and chemical reagents and place next, and according to piscine body volume, water lukewarm after mixing good medicine juice, can be used as medicine ill fish dip to be disinfected in fluid or be treated. ② uses thick Tang Gao when short time dipping, commonly used medicine is peacock a green pigment made of malachite, methylene blue, merbromin, dipterex, potassium permanganate, long dipping uses salt water, potassium permanganate, formalin, furan kind, antibiotic. Specific time should press piscine body volume, water chroma of fluid of lukewarm, medicine and the healthy state that view and admire a fish and calm. General fish body big, water is warm medical fluid density is low, low with health passable, criterion bath washs time to be able to grow some; Conversely, bath washs time to answer some shorter. The note is as follows:
The first, when bath is washed, do not leave a person, want to notice to observe ill fish has fine of all without exception to react at any time. Discovery ill fish swims madly, convulsive or when choking, should scoop up ill fish into the full in isothermal new water, rescue that add oxygen instantly. Must not carelessness and cause needless loss.
The 2nd, the ill fish after bath is washed, had better scoop up the full in new water first, scoop up a pool again nextScoop up a pool again nextCrockCrockIn. With tender water, add aerator to fill oxygen, and gastric disorder or cast less feed, give sanatorium, bask more.
The 3rd, in ill fish poolIn ill fish poolCrockCrockIn, the total pool of douse of the chroma that use drug that can press douse standard, can improve the remedial result of piscine disease so.

(3)Douse law? It is the different illness according to viewing and admire a fish and poolIt is the different illness according to viewing and admire a fish and poolCrockCrockTotal water quantity consideration goes out in with dosage, had made up specific pH indicator medical fluid, next Xiang YuchiNext Xiang YuchiCrockCrockInside slowly douse. If be earthy dance floor, because the area is too large, can pull ill fish toward piscine pool with fishnet at the same time, it is medical fluid douse next in school, achieve remedial goal thereby.

Note: This kind of method is to apply to sicken fish amount more, do not have the pool of sky beyond againDo not have the pool of sky beyond againCrockCrockUse below the circumstance that of short duration raises. Answer before cure accurate determine piscine poolAnswer before cure accurate determine piscine poolCrockCrockIn the bulk of water, make up medical fluid correctly. Make up the chroma of medical fluid, the on the low side that would rather compare a regulation a bit, and unfavorable and exorbitant. Reason is, if medical fluid chroma is exorbitant, once appear accident, because have not enough time to change water to pour a poolBecause have not enough time to change water to pour a poolEspecially earthy dance floorEspecially earthy dance floor, the kill with poison in creating large quantities of fish easily dies; And chroma on the low side a bit, still can fill fluid rude and unreasonable medicine.

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