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How do goldfish development is bad

Goldfish development differs a reason to also have a lot of planting likewise, rinse especially pisciculture, although violent add oxygen, although buy the most expensive golden bait stuff to cast,feed goldfish, still grow likely development is undesirable.

Settlement way is raise goldfish in outdoor (the water after passing in the winter is warm rise, best all lukewarm in5Spend above) in basin of pottery and porcelain or urine mud pool (container is little controallable) , because have sunshine illuminate, clear water turns very quickly green, at the same time crock wall also grows lichenous, fine fineGreen woolEtc. Do not think water becomes green, goldfish eats the aquatic plants of very young single born of the same parents in be less than green water all the same, it is better to think returning is lichenous. Breed of alga of single born of the same parents is actually fast, die quickly also, a few the world come crock bottom perhaps falls with respect to precipitation12Millimeter is thickFall from the skyalga of single born of the same parents, color is deep green, this is a kind of nourishment that surpasses bee glue to goldfish, after goldfish eats thrive. Nevertheless sometimes water thicken is green (all having crock of metropolis that casts bait such) , how does goldfish get bleb disease easily to should do again? Usable content obscures sun’s rays. Around counts a hour midday, the goldfish crock pool that open air manages must cover. After the ante meridiem in be like summer not cover, besides be met bleb is illy, make crock Chi Shuiwen rises suddenly possibly still, make fishSuffer heatstrokeEtc. As to want cover how many, inspect in relief light intensity completely to be mixed infirmly water is warm, wen Gao of general summer water, sunshine is strong, appropriate much cover (60%80%) , the autumn and spring take second place, cover is less (40%70%) . If cover is more troublesome, also can use pair of water to wait will maintain water quality pale green (shallow green) , to water (to half water or more) can carry number day (512Day) .

The goldfish color that raises indoors when discovery cadaverous, appetite drops, specific go from place to place is faint, abnormal even now and then appear when dead fish, should try to strengthen illumination, let the vegetable that a green grows in the crock. Is that has those who grow in the crock alga or low plant? That also is not, always be not green or be red of Brown, brown, purple, it is other likelyAn eccentric person, if originallying kind of atomic bug (get together shrink bug, bell bug, wool canal bug) . Become when the light is not strong, in fresh water grow easily to enclothe in the crock mural alga, this is diatom, color deep brown, but green becomes after insolation, also fasten green alga it is thus clear that, be opposite naturally goldfish as much beneficial.

So evergreen liver mosses and alga of afterbirth length sheet (green water) after all which kind of is opposite is goldfish better? Compare through long-term observation, the filiform alga nutrition that a kind of free crock grows is best, it is alga of single born of the same parents next (green water) with shape of grass green undercoat lichenous. Other lichenous the healthy conduce to the fish, but the effect is some poorer. Somebody is right nevertheless crock wall, grow on aquarium especially liver mosses cannot accept blueness, that is forced to wash brush away, let water become green, but Shui Tainong is green also be a hindrance to is viewed and admire, because this can be weak only green or shallow green. And professional goldfish farm also wants very will big in order to of one part energy controls water quality (keep pale green with shallow green) .

Besides Qian Shujing water and mode of the pisciculture that use water, here told green water pisciculture again, include green water dead water and green water to use water pattern, these are common goldfish raises a standard, each have accident characteristic.

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