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Fish have loose bowels is very troublesome (enteritis)

Enteritis calls bacterial sex enteritis again, it is the common disease that views and admire a fish and frequently-occurring disease, it is the alvine path disease that by a kind of shape making a point bacili of Chan Xiyan afterbirth causes. Common people calls itSodden bowel acute communicable diseases.

Disease of bacterial sex bowel basically is water quality feculent, dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet and cast the food that feeds cankered metamorphism to cause. From precaution angle looks, still want to be inElaborateAndSeriousBegin on. Allow aquatic animals case constantly, clear away neatly everywhere, fed food nutrition is rich, clean wholesome, size is dainty, fish the possibility that makes gut can be gotten less much.

Have the ill fish of bacterial sex enteritis, average performance is in for on the surface of slow-witted slow-witted land surface, constant regular meeting leaves group of sheet to swim, and beWalkingHard, one pace 3 shake.

They are met mostly anorexia, the expression when getting a severe disease is fed for refus. Look from appearance, style quality is dim without light, mix in the head especially the rear is more apparent, make the sense of colour in order to do not have essence of life to the person. The abdomen of ill fish often appears erythema, anal and red hyperaemia. Earlier expression is eduction white linear illicit fluid or occurrence constipation. After accentuation, press piscine abdomen gently to purulent blood and maize mucus are poured out of from anus. The meeting when be being anatomized to ill fish discovers to inflammation congests inside alvine path, see alvine wall become violet sometimes, ulcer. If be treated not in time, ill fish can die very quickly.

Had spoken of in front, viewing and admire a fish to have the show with the most apparent enteritis is anorexia, and should studying the way with best enteritis is to let them take drug go down, this brings a lot of troubles to cure, because only medicaments arrives directly at focus of a disease, treating ability is the most effective.

Bacterial sex enteritis is in more 4 ~ 6The month comes on.

Its treat a method to be:

Dipping: In 5Kilogram raises the dissolve in viewing and admire a fish to use water to enter furan Xi Lin or furazolidone powder 0. 1 ~ 0. 2Can, execute ill fish investment dipping next, time 20 ~ 30Minute, daily 1Second. The purpose is to make on one hand medical fluid by skin infiltration human body, let the fish is absorbed passively from oral cavity or enter bowel to from anal dissolve on the other hand fluid of one part medicine, give remedial bowel inflammation.

Medicaments disinfection: In have semiotic initial stage a bit, can every 50Kilogram water adds furan Xi Lin or 0. 1The chroma that overcomes furazolidone powder gives to entire case with medicine, its prevent action to be more than remedial effect.

Medicine entices: This kind of method is used more in view and admire a fish to have not appear anorexia or refus feed level. Its method is with every 100The weight that overcome a fish is used 0. 5Overcome the scale of garlic, after mixing garlic fine and soft and food adequately, make bait of grain shape medicine feed view and admire a fish. Medicine entices advocate makings wait for flesh of fish, shrimp, rice, flour, best inside put bit of fragrance agent to come round automatically in order to entice ill fish againTake drug. OK also furan Xi Lin or furazolidone powder and Western medicine is made feed bait after afore-mentioned delicate mix up, its effect is more immediate than dipping, more remarkable. This kind of method can be used at preventing disease or be the hair at the beginning of enteritis when, if had not thought,have a thing, medical bait is done not have how old good.

Hello feed cleanness: Common saying tells get ill by the mouth, prevent enteritis to answer above all from cast feed food to tell sanitation to begin, do not feed the food of cankered metamorphism. To fresh fish, shrimp, flesh kind should abluent and mincing hind feed again, cast the green food such as fed vegetable, aquatic, float to also want to be cleaned clean put fish on edible again.

Water quality is clean: Want to let view and admire a fish not to get bacterial sex enteritis, one very important is to carry aquatic animals case glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, should accomplishing this is not easy. Want to insist to change water regularly at ordinary times, dung of daily and epispastic fish, contamination, incomplete entices. Should carry filter water implement normal movement, often clean the filter film of filter, make be in from beginning to end optimal job status. View and admire a fish each type has his lukewarm to water, illumination, salty degree, PHThe specific requirement of the value, the illumination with constant lukewarm, so appropriate water and comfortable salty spending is the content that we should pay close attention to at any time. We say to be opposite view and admire enteritis of piscine bacterium sex, must nip in the bud, because once sicken, cure very hard, a few more elaborate at ordinary times, can discharge curative trouble.

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