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“Bath is washed ” the law can treat a disease to goldfish

Once goldfish produced a disease, although use best remedy, cure rises to also have the difficulty that comparative, especially fry and juvenile are very delicate, with medicine more want discreet.
Bath washs a law is one of commonly used methods that treat piscine disease, put ill fish in bath of the dip in the medical fluid that makes up by specific scale namely, will obtain a kind of means that treats an end, it applies to the gold of individual fish or small lot sicken. The fish is used.
Specific usage:
  1. Will decide use container measurement according to ill fish amount, put23new water, require medical fluid concentration by dosage of all sorts of medicines and chemical reagents and place next, and according to piscine body volume, water lukewarm after match solution of good medicines and chemical reagents OK a person of ill fish dip the cure in solution of medicines and chemical reagents.
  2. Bath washs time to want to press piscine body volume, water the healthy state of chroma of fluid of lukewarm, medicine and goldfish and calm. General fish body big, water is warm medical fluid density is low, low with health passable, criterion bath washs time to be able to grow some. Conversely, bath washs time to answer some shorter.

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