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The precaution of water mildew and cure

Water mildew calls skin mildew or white defect again, it is one of disease of fungus of aquatic product animal, the pathogen that causes this kind of disease moves the discovery on object watch and egg to share more than 10 kinds in aquatic product of our country fresh water, among them the commonnest is water mildew and continous mildew, this kind of bacterium is wide to temperature accommodation, 5-26All can grow progenitive, the most comfortable temperature13-18, it is better that water quality grows in clearer water system. Also do not have to host strict alternative, all sorts of raising aquatic product animal, to each from egg age fish can be affected, the element that causes this disease has about: It is get hurt or local organization is necrotic; 2 it is water lukewarm acuteness change2 it is water lukewarm acuteness changeResistance drops, constituent addleConstituent addle; 3 it is to easy happening is in when season is alternant; 4 it is egg accumulation4 it is egg accumulationCause local and anoxic, egg film begins decay to be affectedEgg film begins decay to be affected.
Of the water mildew of free move about in water move spore to invade cut or egg film, absorb the skin to reach its organize the nutrition inside and mushroom, the constituent cell of hypha and cut twines conglutinate, make organize inflammation, necrotic, aquatic product animal is very fast emaciated death, water mildew breed is particularly before long fast after dying, so water mildew has saprophytic sex, it is to aquatic product animal a kind of afterwards sends sex appeal to catch.
One, diagnose
The disease is inchoate, naked eye does not see unusual case, when naked eye visibility, hypha invades cut not only, and the mycelial outside already going out to minister of foreign affairs, appear white plumule state, common saysGive birth to wool, Grow hair. Because mould can secrete a large number of protein,decompose enzymatic, after airframe suffers stimulation, secrete many and mucous, ill fish begins fretted uneasiness, produce clash with other solid content, piscine body is affected again after, the burden is overweight, move about is logy and unusual, anorexia even gastric disorder, fail finally and die. The sicken such as river crab, shrimp affects exuviate and die. Eel, eel, turtle wait for sicken of rare aquatic product and lose economic value, and people does not wish to eat, have awe-stricken feeling. If view and admire fish to contract this disease, lose view and admire value, etc.
In roe hatch process, arrive it is thus clear that hold in the arms child bud and wear egg wall inside and suspension is in of egg pledge or grow in egg clearance and ramose, such, grow inside egg film have inside hypha, outside egg film fascicular and many outside hypha, reason criesEgg silk is ill. By the egg of parasitism, because of outside hypha submits radiative form, friend saysSun seed. When observing with naked eye, can make according to afore-mentioned circumstances preliminary diagnose, can undertake diagnose with microscope examination when necessary.
2, precautionary measures
1, the precaution of mildew of water of aquatic product animal
(1)Thoroughly clear pond. Method: Eliminate is overmuch and silty, use20-30Kilogram/Mu calx or water mildew are clean0.3-0.5Can/Stere or with fluid of sterilization clean water200Milliliter/Mu douse.
(2)Strengthen raise management, increase piscine body strength. Method: Every10Animal of kilogram aquatic product uses a vitaminE0.3-0.6Can, feed everyday2Second, feed repeatedly3Day.
(3)Prevent microtherm cold wave. Method: Can increase insulation material or add Wen Yuedong, inspect a condition and decide.
(4)Reasonable density, have the aquatic product animal of hard thorn, hard thorn especially.
(5)Pull when the net is carried and putting in a suitable place to breed the fish is planted, the operation wants meticulous, do not make piscine style gets hurt, had better use water mildew clean50Can/Just immerse15-20Minute, can avoid the happening of water mildew, branchial mildew.
(6)Parent fish gets hurt. Method: With10%Water mildew adds smear of ointment of vaseline make it completely, have the effect that reduces fungus, astringent and heal cut.
2, the precaution of roe water mildew
Strengthen parent fish to breed, raise rate of roe be fertilized. Choose sunny weather to have breed.
(2)Crock of piscine mew hatchCrock of piscine mew hatchRoomRoomOr of short duration raises a pool to be disinfected strictly. Method: The mildew that use water is clean100Overcome add water50Kilogram undertakes immerse or spraying.
(3)Prevent roe to pile up and anoxic. Method: Density of reasonable roe hatch, checkmate egg fish out, endanger healthy roe otherwise, if rainbow crouchs, eel the egg that wait.
(4)Use to the roe such as the carp drench water hatch method: The mildew that use water is clean50Can/Just make drench aqueous solution, every other4The hour is aspersedLSecond, drench water20Minute, the effect is much better.
3, remedial method
A green pigment made of malachite of commonly used peacock treated people in the past water mildew, well-known, peacock a green pigment made of malachite has to the mankind send Qi, cause the poisonous side effect such as cancer, and use for a long time can cause an environment to pollute etc undesirable consequence. When the choice treats water mildew medicaments, notice the following principle: Effectiveness, security, convenient sex and cheap quality. Otherwise, aquatic product makes poisonous product, the life becomes poisonous sewage with water, of progress of such economy of aquatic product of our country of can serious effect and people living standard rise, branch of various aquatic product and breed an attention that should give height. The author studies via old practice and theory, think water mildew with be in inchoate cure is beautiful.
Water mildew is clean every cubic water system uses drug50Can, immerse15-20Minute, or every mus1Rice depth of water uses drug every time100Can, everyday1Second, fluid of clean water of apply mechanically sterilization, every musLRice depth of water is used200Milliliter, in the meantime, to be taken orally fights the medicaments of bacterium, virusTo be taken orally fights the medicaments of bacterium, virusSpirit of the bacterium that be like a fish, fishing is ill health, 3 yellow pink, VEEtcEtc, 3Day1Period of treatment, general2-3Period of treatment can restore health, use calx finally15-25Kilogram/Mu adjust water quality, curative effect is better, this law returns branchial mildew of abominable smelt metal.
To rare or individual bigger aquatic product animal, usable15%water mildew adds vaseline to make soft Yo completely, daub affected part can. In breeding a process, return usable folk folk prescription: Every mus are used5Kilogram calamus, 0.5-1Kilogram salt, add15-20Kilogram person make water, total pool douse; Usable also extremely salt and extremely sodium bicarbonate is deliquescent mix, total pool douse.

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