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How to undertake to the different fish disease of same symptom visual inspection is diagnosed

The fish that our country already discovered at present is illThe fish that our country already discovered at present is ill Include the sea, fresh waterInclude the sea, fresh water Have150-200 Plant. The pathogeny body as a result of all sorts of diseases, pathogeny and pathology each are not identical, want to undertake diagnose to different disease, must have lens check to pathogen, some makes observation of constituent section, pathology to place of focus of a disease even, to bacterial sex disease, should undertake experiment of bacterial depart, education, infection and appraisal of bacterium individual plant are waited a moment. The member that this prevents and cure to disease of fish of broad basic level is opposite especially the skill of fishing of villages and towns that lacks necessary instrument equipment member for have certain difficulty. The diagnosis with ill to the fish worker of prevention and cure of disease of fish of current and broad basic level, still basically observe according to naked eye placeStill basically observe according to naked eye place Visual inspectionVisual inspection Different symptom, combinative disease sheds a circumstanceCombinative disease sheds a circumstance Include the sort of sicken fish, age, popular seasonPopular season With ill fish located zoology environment, raise the particular case such as management to undertake be judginged integration analysis, correctly. However, a lot of diseases although system of the pathogeny, pathogeny is different but have extremely similar pathological changes symptom and pathology feature however, this gives job of our fish ill visual inspection to bring a few bewilderment. The job carries out author him basis, below the circumstance that does not have microscope, how does the different fish disease of same to having symptom undertake visual inspection is diagnosed make one introduction.

, sodden branchial disease

Breed the main disease of level to adult fish for fingerling, popular Yu Xia, autumn two season. Fish of the sea, fresh water all can come on, to grass carp, black carp, become warped harm of mouth mandarin fish is the greatest. The pathogen that causes sodden branchial disease has two kinds, it is a bacterium, 2 it is helminth. Two kinds rot branchial disease has: Anorexia, from group swim alone, style quality nigrescent, operculum Put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored Wait for same symptom. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.
Bacterial sex is sodden branchial silk of place of branchial ill focus of a disease is hoar, necrotic, cankered, branchial silk cartilage appears, extreme is short of caustic, all round pathological changes branchial silk constant conglutinate contamination.
The sodden branchial ill mucous increase that helminth place reachs, Branchial silk cadaverous, strut, branchial silk cartilage does not appear, extreme is not had be short of caustic.

Hoary head white mouth is ill

Spend the main disease of fry for fresh water summer, be in more annual5–8 Month popularity. The pathogeny has two kinds, it is be affected by the bacterium, 2 it is wheel bug invade place to come. Its are identical symptom: The skin is lubricious all round circle of ill fish head, mouth element subsidise and into ivory, the station all has in the observation side the pool Hoary head white mouth Symptom. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.
. 1 The ill fish that is caught by the bacterium is unresponsive, weak the alongshore surface that the ground bleachs lee of You Zaichi pond.
. 2 The ill fish that is hit by wheel bug submits impatient and disturbed form, swim in the circle side the pool more, if Chi Geng is a stone base build by laying bricks or stones, can discover suffer from a seedling to past Chibi hits grinding act.

, bleb disease and disease of answer mouth fluke

Spend the main disease to fingerling phase for fresh water summer, 5, 8 Month is popular season. Same symptom: Ill fish is impatient and disturbed, or swim in surface side revolve, or go up in water system surface layer, next change going there and back swim, overbalance having a young plant, sometimes the head on face of gadarene, rear, sometimes abdominal day day. Visual inspection basically distinguishs:
Bleb disease Watch of body of sick young animal is in good condition, careful observation can discover fin the brim, subcutaneous tissue has persnickety bubble.
Answer mouth fluke is ill Local or pearl eye is all whiten, show cataract symptom, some crystalline lens fall off, friend says again Drop eye disease .

4 Small melon bug is ill, Make powdery disease , disease of disease of bug of exciting concealed nucleus, amylaceous egg whipworm and stick spore bug disease

These a few kinds of disease have a very typical same symptom: Namely watch of ill fish body has small white spot, and the show that has impatient uneasiness. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.
Disease of small melon bug and Make powdery disease , parasitism is expressed at the body of fresh water fish and branchial go up. There is gules hyperaemia spot between dot of the Xiaobai on ill fish body for Make powdery disease : The fim that additional scissor has white spot in putting the vitreous Min of a few clear water, be in a place amply in the light, the film outside nodding Xiaobai with two fine needles is carried broken, have globose small bug boils and disease of small melon bug is in what roll in water.
Disease of bug of exciting concealed nucleus and amylaceous egg whipworm are ill Parasitism is expressed at the body of briny fish and branchial go up. The fim that scissor has white spot or branchial silk is put into the vitreous Min of a few clear water, with afore-mentioned same methods, if hair is existing and globose small bug boils and be disease of bug of exciting concealed nucleus namely in what roll in water.
Stick spore bug disease Fish of the sea, fresh water all but parasitism. Ill fish eliminates put oneself in another’s position watch, branchial on outside having small white spot, anatomize splanchnic, macroscopical major organ is like hepatic, milt, heart and muscle to wait to distributing the white cyst that size differs. Serious when raised blain is formed below body skin, crowded broken blain has mucilage of purulent blood shape to pour out of.

China Sao disease and ring bug is ill

Same symptom: Branchial silk hoar, strut, mucous grow in quantity, ill fish is impatient and disturbed, swim madly in surface or revolve, or quickness change swims, brushwood of shallow water of frequentation pool edge is in side horizontal to collide, grind. Come on fastigium all is in water is warm taller summer and Chu Qiu. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.
Sao of China Sao ill China is hooked with the 2nd falcula that touchs limb to become in extreme of ill fish branchial silk, duan Lou of bug body second half is outside branchial silk, break operculum with the hand, macroscopical hook is in the body of small bug of white of line range shape on branchial silk, small bug body resembles white small maggot again, reason renown Branchial Hui is ill .
Ring bug disease cuts ill fish branchial silk below, park fills the vitreous Min that has clear water in, what get on branchial silk with forceps is mucous in blowing water, after settling clarifies to water, go going up clear liquid, relapse a few times so, when sedimentary when showing red no longer, move to issue careful observation to strong light, arrive to make leech record in great quantities it is thus clear that the small bug body of adjustable peristalsis.

Disease of drunk bacterium of disease of bacterium of family name of card of disease of Pausteur bacterium disease, bacterium of Edward family name, Nuo and fish is same symptom: Liver, lienal, kidney splanchnic have small white spot. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.

Ill fish body expresses Pausteur bacterium disease to have pathological change hardly. Divide splanchnic outside having white spot, there are white spot, strut and ulcer in muscle, liver and kidney also do not have strut, hypertrophy.
Disease of bacterium of Edward family name has white spot except lienal, kidney outside, body watch can produce haemorrhage sex abscess, ulcer, have fetor taste, some liver, kidney also produces purulent ulcer.
Disease of bacterium of Nuo card family name is splanchnic have white spot and purulent ulcer with muscle. What some does position in human body is hypodermic and adipose and a lot of furuncle sore are formed in muscle, sliver furuncle sore has white or erubescent pus pours out of: Some is in branchial silk base the ministry forms ivory large tubercle. Wen Wei of infectious the most comfortable water25~28 ℃ .
Disease of piscine drunk bacterium is splanchnic also have ulcer of pus of white spot the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth with muscle. Dan Jibai dot is grain shape, be like,when the skin the Xiaobai when a large number of parasitism orders state Sand paper . Adult fish comes on from time to tome nigrescent, pop-eyed, rachis curves style quality wait for a symptom. Infectious appropriate water is warm in20 ℃ is the following.

Toxic death and anoxic float pool

Same symptom: All be paroxysmal die in one’s boots. Face of catchment of float of major pool fish, bouncing, collide, change swims, struggle to death. Visual inspection basically is distinguished as follows.
Poison dies in Chi Yu does not divide size, sort, all fall victim dies: Produce time and season, climate to have nothing to do, also do not divide day and night and period of time, it is to adding commonly pour new water or happen after employ medicaments: Because remedy is different, some expression having a fish are body coma, action logy, style quality blackens gradually, inflexible and dead: Some expression are exceeding excitement, keep be in surface leap, convulsive, asp, struggle to death.
Fall victim of anoxic float pool does not divide piscine body volume, but death has early or late, it is the predecease of shrimp of the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth of wild miscellaneous fish such as ear fish, goby commonly, take second place of Bian, triangular bream, silver crap, Yong, then is grass, Ling, black carp, it is carp, crucian carp finally: Produce time to be in more high temperature is seasonal, successive haze or the fuggy before dawn that have thunder shower are sensitive period of time: Chi Yu comes loose swim face, keep piece, close mouth, swim madly, bouncing, final fish body relies on to put aside abdominal day day handles in shallow water and die.

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