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How purify aquarium furring?

To aquarium furring problem, above all broad fish friend should know perfectly well furring is basic material completely commonly, soda acid is counteracted, what use acid so is OK purify, and northward water is harder, PhThe cost is higher, period of time does not brush crock wall, may produce furring. General the furring of the aquarium in my home may be to wait when changing water, give off more a few, touch white vinegar with cloth next, but surface must not be neared when wanting to notice to swab, touch the word in water meeting dilute arrives in the crock, the vinegar that touch need not too much, stick some enough, be no good brush twice, absolutely and clean, reoccupy does not contain acidity liquid common wet cloth wipe up is OK, can add water finally, water level lifts cannot see scale.

Still can undertake clearing additionally with sodium bicarbonate, I mix the water in aquarium today all Qing Dynasty gives the fish, bottom arenaceous Qing Dynasty is empty, join on bubble of half crocks of clear water half jins of saleratus, sail upstream the place that has furring with wet cloth dip entirely, dip after a minute, steel wire ball brushs reoccupy to be dropped namely, also be quite pretty good, if you are afraid of,delimit crock, can a bit better steel wire ball, bit downier, do not make with bad, of clever clean go, it is OK also to perhaps use tooth brush

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