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Shallow talk about spring family pisciculture

1, water:

Spring, everythings on earth anabiosises, the fish is such also, draw near breed period, become silent through a hiemal, after rising, the time that should stabilize relatively in air temperature paragraph. With the means of add water, clutch Laoshui displacement becomes new water, it is inside proper time, using water in great quantities as far as possible. . . Lest prepare to be not worth exciting goldfish oestrus, cause a trouble. During the displacement of water, the salt of ample weight should play in water system, in order to assist goldfishAnabiosis. Make sure its are healthy and excessive. The fish that has experience is friendly, still can have goldfish dipping. Considering spring (include the progenitive season below) , domestic piscicultural the fish is friendly, piscine disease basically is with water mildew, Bai Mao disease is given priority to. Dipping assistance, the proposal uses potassium permanganate, peacock a green pigment made of malachite is methylic perhaps La Jin goes. And, in whole and progenitive season, can use the means of fixed dipping. . Undertake nursing to oneself fish. But to the novice or the fish with scant experience is friendly, the individual feels or use peacock a green pigment made of malachite methylic perhaps La Wei is good. Because potassium permanganate is killed mildew, mouldproof efficiency not as good as peacock a green pigment made of malachite is methylic perhaps blue. . . And dosage control is undeserved and easy cause a loss, burn for instance branchial, and, this kind of loss by lag sex. . . Although the fish is not dead at that time. . But the harm that cause is aware of not easily temporarily, leave snake in the grass instead. And spring, domestic piscicultural is main the disease is. . Mould sex fish is ill.

So, suggest everybody uses salt+Malachite is green (methylic blue) dipping, undertake nursing to fish, water

2, hello feed:
Make height spring, draw near progenitive. . . Want a few feeding to feed. . Cannot full amount is fed feed goldfish. Special fall in the following circumstance, can gastric disorderA, air temperature rises and fall suddenly changefulB, during changing waterC, dipping that dayD, goldfish lays eggs
, eat a fish
Spring, be in no matter north and south square, as the progressively heighten of air temperature. . Reach the drawing near of breed period, although be below condition of domestic breed aquatics. Also mix fishing ground is same, enter: Ill season!
Proposal, no matter everybody purchases goldfish from where. Must do good segregation+Precaution works, new fish takes the home, segregation period5Day. During segregation, gastric disorder, kill mildew, kill the job such as bug to must be accomplished.
Do not have certainly unusual, mix a crock with his original fish again.

1, the word of feed feed
Can be in feed
Add terramycin
The antiseptic medicaments such as kanamycin
Use next a bit a few bleb feed
Feed again next.

2, proposal
Temperature just begins to pick up
Fish the activity is big
But do not feed more
A few OK



3, the choice of dipping opportunity

(1) air temperature is stable

(2) the water quality after changing water is stable
When avoiding to changing water as far as possible at the same time dipping, principle: The condition that treats a fish decides the time length of dipping. During full height dipping, the fish cannot appear float head calls water, wallop these circumstances, once appear. Need seasonable fish out. Below, I am with using methylic blue dipping exemple. . Show dipping process:
The preparation before dipping: 1, oxygen pump; 2, two clear water
Among them a clear water, mix officinal juice, , individual of medical fluid chroma feels need not too dispute, be like a graph roughly

Below the premise that does not leave a person, below the dipping chroma of this color, healthy fish. . Can be able to bear or endure commonly suffer30-40Minute. Dipping ends, scoop up full of a clear water. After full is over, put former crock again.
Appear the circumstance of head of such wallop, float, the fish out on the horse comes is full. . Enter a crock. . Dipping that day gastric disorder. The fish comes to an end in dipping hind, general likelihood appears the surface of body of brief and pelagian aquarium. But, be in more1–2Free condition replies inside the hour, so, dipping that day. . Notice gastric disorder.
Attention: Spring, suggest everybody undertakes afternoon dipping is operated. Water is warm in those days opposite taller and stable.
my individual. Ingoing fish, taking the home is chronic dipping, segregation, gastric disorder5Day processing.
Dipping is over. . The result that general meeting appears as follows to pursue. . .


This is from the fish branchial, body takes off fallen material. Biscuit draw together adheres to here in the fish the alga of branchial, body, mucous, other contamination.
Spring. . I suggest everybody is in breed period. . Can consider20Day one! Briny dipping. . . The individual feels the effect is not quite ideal.

Spring, after the fish is anabiosising, enter breed period especially. . Metabolization is more exuberant, in water quality, send the case that feeds management to catch up with, the resort that we manage, do not follow to go up metabolization rhythm of the fish, bring about piscine disease to happen. This is domestic piscicultureIll seasonA of origin main factor. Use peacock a green pigment made of malachite and I am used to is not methylic blue with potassium permanganate:

1, peacock a green pigment made of malachite has specially good effect to water mildew, strong at methylic blue and any other remedy

2, peacock a green pigment made of malachite is right most biology sex (bug kind) piscine disease has stronger exterminate and inhibition

3, the precaution with peacock ill to mixing sexual fish a green pigment made of malachite, when new fish is purchased, fall as a result of the circumstance of insufficient to fishing ground condition, carriage condition understanding especially, carry the kind of dipping, have first-rate stabilization to new fish


Above content is experience of piscine friendly individual
Ask careful reference to use

The choice of dipping medicaments can be used to gimmick to choose to use by oneself

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