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Goldfish can sleep, and still have fixedder Morpheus time. Sleep to just won’t close an eye just, because they do not have eyelid.   

From the home the scene in raising aquatic animals chest can see: Goldfish and other fish are same, below the circumstance that does not have the light in evening, can look for to suffer the outside to affect less place to stayCan look for to suffer the outside to affect less place to stayIf aquatic clump is mediumIf aquatic clump is medium, breathe quality of slow, style to become weak, bearing slow-witted wood, the movement with few fim is to maintain the body to balance only before just, not active move about.

Domestic aquaria, if do not arrive to open the lamp to give smooth time to turn on the lamp suddenly at ordinary times, piscine condition won’t restore instantly not only, return meeting be frighted even. Had wanted a few time, just can begin move about slowly, forage. If shift to an earlier date to extinguish the lamp, criterion their normal activity condition, still can continue to hold period of time.

And the time opening the lamp that if arrived,is used to, do not open the lamp, they still can enter the active state when opening the lamp at ordinary times. This is I raise the circumstance that views and admire piscine lookout to see to the home for years. So I think, the fish can sleep not only, and still have time of fixed work and rest.

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