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The illumination influence to goldfish

Breed daily in goldfish in, illumination is affected to goldfish all the time very important.

Illumination can be sunlight and lamplight. Right amount illumination secretes function to have stimulative effect to the thyroid gland of piscine body, and the development that is beneficial to goldfish. The aquatic algae of piscine pool and the water and grass that plant artificially inside aquatic animals box, below photosynthesis, absorb the carbon dioxide in water through blade, release oxygen. But the illumination of excessive is exciting, its effect can be just the opposite to what one wished. If juvenile has right amount illumination style quality everyday gorgeous.

The activity of goldfish, appetite, grow development, lay eggs or dormancy, all accept the impact of illumination and temperature continuously. Be in the piscine body in dark environment for a long time, insensitive, inappetence, endocrine is disorder, Grow backwater. Illumination raised the diaphaneity of water quality not only, make piscine body color bright, Appreciation effect is good, with time light medium ultraviolet ray still has certain disinfection to reduce bacterium effect. In the installation inside aquatic animals box15-25Lamp of Shuang Zi exterior line or infrared lamp, daily illuminate is measurable, can close to aquatic is flourish, Water system is purified, The evil that still can control a bacterium is unripe, be helpful for piscine body health. The daytime of nature basically can satisfy piscine body to grow the demand to illumination.

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